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10 non-obvious places in the house that can be cleaned only once a year


Most people are divided into two categories: some simply can not stand cleaning, and the second do not feed bread, let clean up every room. It would seem, well, how could it be too clean? It turns out that it can. For example, Here are these 10 things in the house enough to clean only once a year. So why waste time?

Spring is an excellent opportunity to refresh the house and do general cleaning. For example, clean things from this list. Moreover, the effect is enough for a whole year.

1. Washing machine

They require cleaning only once a year: washing machine.

Yes, the "cleanest" thing in the house also needs to be cleaned. Indeed, in the depths of the washing machine can easily start a mold. Especially if you do not air the device after washing. But if you are not worried about a suspicious smell, then you can only clean the machine once a year.

2. Automatic "drying"

They require cleaning only once a year: automatic drying.

If you have this useful device in your home, then you need to take care of it. The weak point of any drying is its ventilation. Over time, the blades can become clogged with thread, wool and fragments of other fibers, which can lead to breakage. And because once a year they need to be cleaned. But it is better to contact a specialist for this purpose.

3.Curtains and curtains

Require cleaning only once a year: curtains.

If only we are not talking about theatrical curtains of heavy velvet, which accumulate dust, wash the curtains once a year. Hand wash preferred. But thin kitchen tulle tends to turn yellow, so it will require 3-4 washes per year.

4. Kitchen drawers from the inside

They require cleaning only once a year: kitchen drawers and shelves.

Not the most pleasant part of cleaning, but once a year you can suffer. At the same time there will be a reason to get rid of excess. Remove all contents from kitchen cabinets. If we are talking about cereals, spices and preservation, then review stocks and throw away all the delay without regrets. Cutlery polish. And the boxes themselves wipe with a damp sponge with detergent. Leave the doors open until everything is dry. Not so difficult, right?

5.Fixtures and floor lamps

They require cleaning only once a year: lamps.

Wipe the lampshades with a soft microfiber cloth, and then rinse in soapy water and dry. Houses will become much lighter!

6. Floors under heavy furniture

They require cleaning only once a year: under the furniture.

Who knows what can be found in these depths? Perhaps a dozen lost socks and half a kilo of dust, and maybe more interesting. Above all, do not forget to put towels under the furniture legs before starting to move it. So that you don’t have to search on the Internet how to disguise scratches on the floor.

7. Garden furniture

Require cleaning only once a year: garden furniture.

The proximity of the summer season is an excellent reason to arrange a big wash of garden furniture. Especially since a layer of dust has probably accumulated on it. Soapy water, a soft sponge and a little polish (for wood) - that's all you need for perfect cleanliness.


They require cleaning only once a year: windows.

Inside and preferably outside. The best time for this activity is a cloudy, but not a rainy day.

9. Rooftop chute

They require cleaning only once a year: a chute under the roof.

Leaves, twigs, feathers of birds - except for rainwater, a mass of “interesting” things can get into the chute. So with the spring thaw it will be useful to put in order this important detail of a private or country house. Broom and ladder - that's the whole simple inventory to complete the task.

10.Balcony and / or garage

They require cleaning only once a year: a balcony and a garage.

Why together? Because both places can with a light hand of the owners turn into a warehouse, if not a dump. So, to single out one weekend per year to eliminate the "blockages" is a very good idea, which will definitely be useful to everyone.