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15 original ways to disguise electrical wires and sockets


Electrical cables can ruin even the most expensive and stylish interior.

Multicolored wires interlaced among themselves, sometimes tangled or twisted, look very unattractive.

What to do with these "parasites of space"?


1. Lovely trees

Many tend to immediately hide the wires, for example, under a carpet, behind furniture or behind plinths. But this is not the only way to disguise them. If desired, and the availability of free time, you can create the whole picture from the electrical cable. For this you need wiring brackets. With their help it is easy to fix the wire to the wall. This method will not only solve the problem of cable masking, but will also help to decorate the empty uneven wall.

2. Megapolis

3. Electroart

4. In classic style

5. Eastern architecture

Colored wires

6. Color accent

If the wire stands out in the color plan, then it can be used as an accent. It is necessary to make only a few curls on the wall, in this case it is not necessary to invent high-profile plots. To make the wire harmoniously fit into the space, it is worth picking up several accessories to match it. In the kitchen it can be plates or cups, in the living room - a vase, and in the bedroom - a decorative pillow.

7. On a stylish wave

Easy peasy

If there is no desire to invent something, and the wire is annoying with its presence, then vinyl stickers come to the rescue, which are easily mounted on the wall. The plot should be chosen based on the style of the interior and artistic preferences.

8. Power Plant

In addition to the stickers, it is good to use heat-resistant color adhesive tape. It can be cut in the form of leaves, flowers or butterflies and decorate them with electric wire.

9. Tribute to nature

The easiest of all ways to disguise - high classic baseboard. Under it, the interfering wires will hide perfectly, and the interior will become more elegant and attractive.

10. Easier than simple

Successful disguise

You can disguise not only electrical wires, but also sockets with switches. Moreover, it will be interesting to look at the surface, as painted on his own, and decorated with vinyl stickers. Even more creative option will be a special house for the outlet. You can make it from a small board in the form of an original door.

11. Pet for every taste

12. As in the art gallery

13. Curious Varvara ...

14. The magic door

15. Myshkin house?