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10 useful tips that everyone should know


A clean refrigerator not only ensures a good mood of the hostess, but also directly affects the safety and quality of the products that are in it.

How to put the refrigerator in order, get rid of the unpleasant smell and properly distribute the products? Today we share simple, but very useful tips.

Missing and expired products should be discarded in a timely manner.

1. Even if the refrigerator is equipped with self-defrosting functionOnce a month it is worth disconnecting it from the power supply, pulling out all the products and rubbing it from dirt. It also allows you to conduct a small audit, to determine which products are already worth throwing.

It is better to store products in special plastic containers and food film.

2. It is recommended to monitor the cleanliness of the refrigerator that no odors appear in it. Those can be avoided if the products are packaged in special food film, plastic bags, plastic containers. You also need to make sure that no milk or other liquids are spilled on the shelves, and the spoiled products are taken out of the refrigerator in a timely manner.

Removable parts better to wash under running water, removing from the refrigerator

3. Starting to wash the refrigerator is to remove all removable parts. and clean them under running water using detergents. It is more difficult to rinse the inside of the refrigerator, so in order to clean it well, it is recommended to use warm soda solution (one to two). Soda copes well with pollution, does not damage the surface, eliminates odor, is easily washed off and leaves no traces.

After washing the refrigerator must be wiped with a dry cloth.

4. After finishing rinsing the inside of the refrigeratorIt is necessary to wipe it with a clean soft cloth that leaves no lint. Microfiber is ideal. After that, the refrigerator should be ventilated for about half an hour. Only then can you put food into it and turn on the power supply.

Microfiber is suitable for wiping dry.

5. If there is an unpleasant odor after washing in the refrigeratorthen you need to wipe it with water and vinegar. It also disinfects the surface. If the smell does not go away after that, you will need to wet a piece of cotton in vinegar and leave for 2 hours in the corner of the refrigerator.

Vinegar, soda and lemon are good at combating dirt and odors.

6. Aromas are also well absorbed by baking soda. It is recommended to pour it into a small glass or open salt shaker and place it in one of the corners of the refrigerator. For this method to work, you need to change soda once every 2-3 months.

Halves of apples and pieces of black bread will save you from unpleasant smells

7. Rice, black bread and apple halves are excellent regulators of aromas. Moreover, if the apples need to be placed for several days, so that they collect the smells, then black bread is enough for this only 10 hours. For the result to be effective, pieces of bread or apples must be spread out on each shelf.

Eggs need to be stored in closed containers.

8. Interestingly, ordinary chicken eggs sensitive to foreign odors and through their shells can absorb them like a sponge. In this case, the eggs still emit carbon dioxide, so they are best hidden in special containers with a lid.

Fish and vegetables should be stored in separate containers.

9. Sausages and sausages have a very strong flavor., but at the same time hide them in plastic bags in any case impossible. It is advisable to store such products by wrapping them in food film or placing them in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid.

Each product must have its place in the refrigerator

10. A few words about the correct placement of food in the refrigerator. At the top is to keep meat, convenience foods and cooked meals. Medium shelf for dairy products. Below you can store vegetables and fruits. In the door is to distribute the milk, vegetable oils, eggs and juices. Nearby you can not put meat and dairy products, as the fish can not stand the neighborhood with vegetables.