Useful ideas

10 alternative ways to use the dryer for other purposes.


Hair dryer is designed to dry hair, but when the direct appointment of things prevented people from inventing ingenious ways to use any thing? We suggest you to familiarize and adopt useful tips on unusual use of a hair dryer.

Some of the suggested ideas may seem strange and raise doubts, but by testing them on yourself you will see that it really works!

Easy disposal of adhered stickers

Use a hairdryer, warm the sticker properly, and remove it without any difficulty.

Steaming glass cleaning

Is the mirror foggy? And you need to shave, apply a cream or something else. Direct the flow of warm hair dryer, on the mirror, and no rub!

Extend the life of your computer

Under our keyboard penetrates a lot of unnecessary debris, in the future it may adversely affect the operation of the computer. Put the keyboard on the edge and blow cold air.

Iron shirt without iron

If you urgently need to stroke your shirt, and the iron is not at hand, do not worry, a hair dryer will help you! Spray the shirt from the spray bottle and “iron” the hair dryer. Not perfect, but you can handle it without an iron.

How to remove the plaster painlessly

Removing the patch is always an unpleasant and painful procedure. Direct the flow of warm air on the adhesive tape stuck on the corn, wait a little, and then remove without any pain.

A simple way to remove the cud from clothes

Heat the hair dryer gum until it comes off completely, then remove it with a paper towel.

Smooth ice cream quickly and easily.

So as not to spoil your teeth, do not crackle, and God forbid, do not get sick. Take a hairdryer to send warm air to the ice cream, it will thaw, and your dessert will be much easier to use.

Express nail drying

Hurry and do not have time for a meeting, but the varnish does not dry up? Use a hairdryer, direct the flow of cold air on your nails, and the scheduled meeting will take place on time.

Peeling wax from furniture

A romantic evening, wine and candles can leave their mark. In no case! Direct warm air from the hair dryer to the spot after the candle, then get rid of the remnants of a paper napkin.

Quick drying socks

Forgot to wash the evening, and everything has to be done at the last moment? After a quick wash, put a sock on the nose of the dryer and turn on warm air. Sock moment dry!