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17 trends in interior design, which will be useful to anyone who plans to repair in 2018


When the new season comes, designers from all over the world present fashion trends in interior design, decorative elements, and furniture. In this review, we have collected the most memorable directions in design for 2018.

If you are going to make a repair, you should pay attention to what exactly professionals recommend to pay attention to be in trend.

1. Sun prints

Shades of yellow in the interior.

It is not surprising that in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog the most popular color will be yellow. The most popular will be juicy and rich shades of this sunny color, which can be used in decoration, textile details and pieces of furniture. Do not hesitate to warm mustard, canary and lemon shades bring the dynamics and good mood into the house.

2. Dramatic notes

Black accents in the interior.

Black is an eternal classic that never goes out of style. The color of the night, mystery, strength, style and sexuality is undoubtedly suitable for the decoration of a modern home. However, designers recommend using this color with care. A black chandelier, a door, an accent wall, a bed or a luxurious sofa will be quite enough to create a spectacular setting.

3. Shades of blue and blue

Muted shades of blue and blue.

Shades of blue will not lose their popularity in the new year. However, to replace the saturated and deep colors, in 2018 muted shades will come, resulting from the mixing of blue, gray and green colors. Such tones are best suited for decoration of bedrooms, nurseries, as well as rooms located on the sunny side of the house.

4. Unusual tandem

The combination of orange and blue.

The duet of blue and orange was recognized as the most fashionable combination of 2018. Such a dynamic solution is perfect for decorating a living room, kitchen or office. The characteristics of these colors are able to charge the room and its inhabitants with positive energy, inspiration and adjust the workflow.

Gold, brass bronze in the interior.

Gold styled materials? do not lose popularity. Therefore, all those who have not yet managed to acquire metal objects of decor, still have a chance to do it. You can, for example, buy stylish brass lamps, which advantageously emphasize the interior with elements of marble or concrete. Furniture with metal frames of golden hue will look very elegantly surrounded by velvet furniture and dark wood trim. And the bronze details will make any interior luxurious and elegant.

6. Partitions

Partitions in the interior.

In 2018, partitions will return to fashion again, which will help not only to zone the fashionable premises of a studio apartment, but also become stylish interior decorations. There are a variety of designs in the trend, both decorative and functional, that is, those that not only share the room, but also perform the functions of a storage system.

7. Pink unisex

The interiors are in pink tones.

In the new year, pink shades lose their gender identity and change from girlish shades to unisex. But It is worth noting that in a stylish interior there is no place for flowers, a la the young pig. In a fashion complex, deep, expensive powder, pink-lilac and glossy shades.

8. Juicy green

Green shades in the interior.

Rich and dark shades of green - a great way to get a little closer to nature. The most fashionable interpretations of green in 2018 will be shades of sage, avocado and celery. Designers recommend not to be afraid and combine them with bright, saturated colors, creating their own unique, interesting and cheerful interior.

9. Inflated furniture

Volumetric inflated sofas.

The indisputable trend of the coming year has become volumetric inflated sofas upholstered in velvet, velor or other noble material. Such a sofa, no doubt, will appeal to all lovers of beauty and comfort, as well as become a spectacular detail of the interior of the living room.

10. Storage Systems

Fashion racks and storage systems.

Trends of minimalism and space saving do not lose their relevance in the coming year. That is why mobile storage systems are in vogue, which can be changed depending on taste and needs. Also popular are high shelving, combining open shelves and closed cells, as well as non-standard design solutions.

11. French charm

Interior in Provence style.

Provence is recognized as one of the most fashionable styles of the coming year. Natural materials, floral curtains, vintage lockers and linen tablecloths will make any room charming and cozy. Best of all this style is suitable for decoration of the dining room, kitchen, bedroom or any room in a country house.

12. Pompousness and luxury

Rich interiors in baroque and art deco style.

In 2018, Baroque and Art Deco interiors will become more popular than ever, striking with their pomp and luxury. Fretwork, massive chandeliers, paintings in heavy golden frames, luxurious curtains and expensive furniture - this is a short list of the main attributes that are characteristic of these styles.

13. Minimalism

Interiors in minimalism style.

Minimalism is a popular and very universal design trend that will suit both owners of tiny apartments and happy owners of spacious apartments. Designers recommend not to save on high-quality furniture, but will stop only on the most necessary.

14. Natural materials

Furniture made from natural materials.

Environmentally friendly and natural materials are still in vogue. The most universal among them is natural wood. Wooden furniture will perfectly fit into any modern interior, making it warm and noble.

15. Marble

Natural marble and its alternative.

One of the most relevant materials in 2018 will be marble. Countertops, decoration and plumbing from this noble stone look luxurious and very stylish. The most popular stone with an unusual pattern. Those who have no money for real marble should pay attention to the materials stylized for it.

16. Textured finish

Textured wall finish.

Textured walls will help make your walls fashionable and spectacular. However, to implement such an idea, you will need high-quality materials and the help of real professionals, otherwise you risk getting the sheer nonsense on the walls.

17. Paintings

Large paintings in the interior.

Huge paintings will become not only a spectacular decoration of the interior, but also a profitable investment, which later may even become a family relic. So do not be stingy and carefully approach the choice of works of art for your home.

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