Useful ideas

29 non-trivial shelves and racks, which not only decorate the interior, but also save a lot of space in the house


Quite often, many instead of bulky cabinets give preference to wall shelves.

Even this seemingly ordinary piece of furniture can start playing in a new way, if we approach its design with creativity.

And besides, the shelves will save space in the house.

1. Door rack

It is enough just to turn a wooden door into an original rack for storing books and family photographs.

2. Shelf from old books

Old, reused books can become shelves and even shelves for other books.

3. Shelves from old drawers

Retractable drawers of the old desk, prepared for discharge, can be used to create original shelves that fit perfectly into any modern interior of the living room.

4. Original hexagonal shelf

The original hexagonal shelf, made of ordinary wooden slats - a great solution for storing small items and decor items.

5. Rack from a set of wooden boxes

A small rack made from a variety of wooden drawers painted white can be a budget alternative to a massive and expensive purchased cabinet.

6. Shelves of old furniture

Old unnecessary furniture is an excellent material for creation of faultless and stylish shelves.

7. Stylish round shelf

Stylish round shelf, the edging of which is made of thin fibreboard, and the shelf itself is made of ordinary wooden slats.

8. Shelves made of plastic boxes

A good and truly original example of the use of old plastic boxes in the interior of a children's room.

9. Old wooden boxes

Colored and altered at their discretion boxes can be used to store a variety of things and accessories.

10. Wall hanger with wooden base

A wall hanger with a wooden base can be placed not only in the hallway, but also in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

11. Unusual wooden shelf

Unusual wooden shelf, which can be a real highlight in any modern interior.

12. Shelves in the form of square bars

Non dull decorative shelves in the form of square bars of dark wood on the background of a light wall.

13. Rack from the old wooden stairs

A rack from an old wooden staircase will remarkably complement the interior design in a rustic or ecostyle.

14. Suspended shelves

Suspended shelves in the interior can completely replace the upper sections of stationary buffets and classic shelving.

15. New use of the old suitcase

New use of the old suitcase: a stylish and fun-free shelf.

16. Fantastic wall shelf

A dense piece of bark or raw wood can be turned into a fantastic wall shelf for indoor plants and flowers.

17. Self-made shelves

Awesome shelf that makes a different look at old shutters.

18. Shelves made of golden hexagonal boxes

Original shelves made from golden hexagonal gift boxes of chocolate candies attached to the wall.

19. Compact square rack

The square-shaped compact wooden shelving is a functional and stylish solution that will solve many problems.

20. Tree-shaped bookcase

The bookcase in the form of a tree is an original solution that will allow you to bring a touch of originality into the interior of the bedroom.

21. Functional rectangular shelves

Very beautiful, comfortable and functional shelves of rectangular shape that you can easily create with your own hands.

22. Rack in the form of a US map

The rack in the form of a map of the United States, which can be not just a simple object in the interior, but also an original decorative ornament.

23. Wooden modular units

Original wall shelves in the form of wooden modular units.

24. Book storage rack

The original storage rack for books will be a great alternative to the usual stationary structures, which takes up a lot of free space.

25. Shelves for small accessories

Proper organization of storage space for small accessories is a very complex process that requires special knowledge and a responsible approach.

26. Square and rectangular modular shelves

Stylish wall square and rectangular modular shelves of inexpensive wood.

27. Two racks in the form of a tree

Two shelves in the form of a tree, which fit perfectly into the interior of the children's room.

28. Round metal shelves

Simple, but original round shelves that can be made from ordinary metal plates.

29. Wooden triangular shelves

Wall triangular wooden shelves that can be easily replaced or rearranged will allow you to quickly and easily change the interior in the living room.