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Storage under the ceiling: 15 original ideas for any space


When the apartment is cramped, and there are not enough storage systems at all, you should pay attention to the ceilings, more precisely, to the place under them.

Here you can store things, books, towels and even toilet paper.

We have found many more interesting solutions that will help rationally use the place under the ceiling.

1. Storage of toys

Storing toys

The most acute shortage of storage systems is felt in the nursery. It is necessary to hide not only the things of the child, but also his toys. This can be done with the help of small wicker baskets attached to the ceiling. Even a child can lift and lower them.

2. On kitchen cabinets

On kitchen cabinets

Often there is not much room between the wall cupboards and the ceiling in the kitchen. It is reasonable to fill it with additional storage systems, and use compact baskets for this.

3. Above the refrigerator

Storage above the refrigerator

The space above the refrigerator is also often empty. If you equip it with a convenient shelf, you can store dishes and other kitchen utensils here.

4. Double bonus

If the ceiling in the kitchen is high, then under the ceiling you can make several long open shelves. Here you can store dishes that are rarely used.

Double open shelves under the ceiling

5. Storage of toilet paper

Even in a small bathroom there is an opportunity to make an additional mezzanine, where it will be convenient to place toilet paper.

Toilet paper storage

6. Towel storage

In the same way, you can store towels in the bathroom. It will take a stepladder to get them comfortably. For these purposes, today they make special supports, step-ladders, but which are convenient to store personal hygiene products.

Keeping towels under the ceiling

7. Storage of shampoos

Low ceilings - a minus, which can be a plus with the right approach. So, if you equip an open shelf above the door in the bathroom, then you can easily place shampoos, soaps, towels and other means. It will not be difficult to reach them if the ceilings in the room are low.

Storage of shampoos on the ceiling

8. Stylish ladder

Even more original look shelves, located under the ceiling in the form of a ladder. This design is more spacious.

Stylish ladder

9. Open niches

Under the ceiling is also not difficult to organize open niches. It is convenient to store clean linen, powders, cotton pads and much more.

Ceiling open niches

10. Once a bucket, two buckets

As an organizer it is not necessary to use only baskets and plastic containers. Metal buckets will look very stylish in the interior. Especially if the space is decorated in country or Provence styles.

Stylish storage

11. In the hallway

In a small apartment there is a struggle for every centimeter. In such a dwelling it is not always possible to put a rack with books. But it turns out that they can even be stored above the entrance door to the parish.

Keeping books on the ceiling

12. Shelf over the bed

Book lover will find a place for his library anywhere, even if it is a cramped bedroom. Moreover, to place a hinged shelf is not necessarily above the headboard, it will look good on the next wall.

Book shelf above the bed

13. Functional zoning

Often in small apartments, designers get rid of unnecessary doors and partitions. This allows you to build original zoning elements with niches. For their manufacture fit drywall and even plywood.

Functional zoning

14. Instead of a headboard

In a small bedroom is not appropriate bulky headboard. Some are not afraid to get rid of it at all and make an alternative storage system.

Storage systems instead of a headboard

15. Open wardrobe

Today, more and more often in small interiors you can see bedrooms with open wardrobe. This is especially true in those rooms where there is no possibility to put a closet. It also should not ignore the place under the ceiling. It can be equipped with an open shelf and put on it baskets with things or accessories.

Storage in the bedroom