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19 ingenious devices for the kitchen that you want to get immediately


Every housewife dreams of coping with kitchen matters easily and as quickly as possible.

To fulfill this dream will help modern appliances for the kitchen. With their help, cooking will be much easier.

Of course, every housewife will choose her own arsenal of devices, but it's hard not to agree that every little thing offered in this review is truly brilliant.

1. Stand for sponge

Fun stand for the kitchen sponge.

A charming stand in the form of a tiny bed for a sponge can hardly be called a necessity, but such a nice accessory will bring a touch of playfulness and comfort to the interior.

2. Knife for butter

Heated butter knife.

Using cold butter for making sandwiches is quite difficult. To solve this problem, a special heating knife will help, which will instantly soften the butter and allow it to be spread evenly on bread.

3. Kitchen multitool

Multifunctional kitchen accessory.

This small accessory will become an indispensable assistant of any hostess. With it, you can open the bottle, unscrew the lid tight, open cans, as well as cut the sealed bags in two accounts.

4. Stand

Stand for lids and spoons.

A laconic and compact stand that allows you to securely lock the lid from the pan or pan, as well as the spoon or spatula that you use during cooking, and protects work surfaces from fat.

5. Oil Dispenser

Dispenser for vegetable oil.

A small dispenser with a comfortable silicone brush will help to evenly apply and distribute the vegetable oil on any surface.

6. Carafe for drinks

Carafe for compote, lemonade and tea.

The original decanter with special removable containers for brewing, ice, as well as pieces of berries and fruits. In such a decanter it is very convenient to brew tea, store lemonade, fresh fruit compote and any other fruit and berry drinks.

7. Melon knife

Multifunctional slicer for melon.

Slicer of unusual shape, with which you can easily cut a melon, clean it from the bones, and also separate the flesh from the peel.

8. Tenderayzer

Small tenderizer for beating off meat.

A compact device for beating meat will be a great alternative to the old hammer and will allow you to make juicy and tasty chops or steaks.

9. Hamburger uniform

Mold for hamburgers.

A mold for making juicy meatballs stuffed with cheese, which consists of a tamping lid, a removable blade and two cylindrical segments connected by a hinge, and is intended to form neat meatballs for juicy cheeseburgers.

10. Adjustable rolling pin

Rolling pin, the size of which can be adjusted.

Convenient rolling pin, the size of which can be adjusted depending on what piece of dough you roll out.

11. Roll Forming Machine

Device for forming rolls.

A special device that turns boiled rice, fish and vegetables into rolls of perfect shape and density.

12. Machine for modeling dumplings

Device for the formation of ravioli.

Practical device for the formation of ravioli and dense gluing edges.

13. Spatula Spoon

Universal spoon.

Spoon that can change the position of the head, as well as serve as a ladle and shovel with a silicone tip, which allows you to efficiently collect the prepared ingredients from the pan.

14. Traffic jams

Traffic jams with figures.

Fun cork with ceramic tips in the form of fish and animal tails, with which you can close any glass bottle.

15. Submersible pan

Pancakes pan.

Submersible electric frying pan, which makes it easy to cook soft, well-done pancakes of perfect shape.

16. Bag sealing machine

Mini zapayschik packages.

A small device that looks like a stapler, capable of soldering any package in a matter of seconds, ensuring sealed packaging of products.

17. Cutlery Brush

Device for washing cutlery.

Ingenious device in the form of a plastic container with stiff bristles inside, capable of clearing cutlery from rushed food in seconds.

18. Chopping boards

Chopping boards in the form of puzzle pieces.

Stylish and very comfortable cutting boards, made in the form of puzzle pieces, which can be folded into a large board or used separately.

19. Barbecue player

Small plastic shashlik box.

A small plastic barbecue hut that will allow you to easily and quickly form, chop and marinate the ingredients directly on skewers.

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