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The cage, which is always cozy: 24 cool examples that fall in love at first sight


The Scottish cell in the interior is associated with comfort, a warm fireplace, a woolen blanket and in the winter.

How to decorate her home?

What does it go well with and why is it ideal for men?

Today we will tell the whole truth about tartan!

Atmosphere of comfort

Cozy interior

In the cold season, the interior requires a change. He needs the presence of wool details, he needs elements in warm colors. Excellent Scottish cell copes with these tasks. It is a reference to traditional fabric, which from time immemorial has been used in the freedom-loving Scotland. One has only to put a chair with such a print, or to put a checkered carpet on the floor, as the interior is filled with a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Carpet with tartan ornament

Plaid with tartan, as an element of decor

Perhaps this effect is achieved due to the fact that the checkered pattern, on a psychological level, has a calming effect on the person. The second factor - in the Scottish tartan there are warm and soft colors that look very harmonious.

Living room decorated with tartan

Stylish living room

What is tartan?

Cozy tartan in the interior

This is a traditional Scottish ornament, which is formed by the twill weave of the threads (they are pre-painted in different colors that symbolize certain areas, clans of the country). Today it can be found not only in the fabric. Designers create lamps, wallpapers, plates, pillows, and even flower pots with such a pattern. Tartan has found wide application in interior design, especially in winter.

Floor lamp with a scottish cage

Wallpaper with tartan ornament

Wallpaper in the form of a tartan

Curtains with tartan ornament

Male character

Tartan is a symbol of freedom, willpower and dignity. That is why it often appears in men's interiors. Thanks to the Scottish cage in space, you can create a representative environment. In this case, tartan is best combined with the surfaces of natural stone and wood, it is best if they have a pronounced texture. A fireplace (or a false fireplace in an apartment) will not be superfluous in such an interior.

Tartan in a modern interpretation

Tartan in the Scandinavian interior

Element of comfort

Discreet and elegant design

Harmonious combinations

Tartan is a universal ornament and is suitable for decoration of any room. Here it is only necessary to take into account the size of the room and the size of the cells. Too large pattern is appropriate in spacious interiors, but in small rooms it is appropriate tartan of medium and small size.

Scottish cell in the interior of the bedroom

Scottish cell in the interior of the bathroom

Tartan in the interior of the bathroom

In order for the tartan to fit into the interior most harmoniously, it is necessary that one of its colors be combined with other objects in the room. These can be decorative pillows, curtains, vases and even furniture.

Fresh color combination

Chair with tartan

Using a cage in the interior, the main thing is not to overload the interior. Since this pattern is self-sufficient, it is better to use it with plain wallpaper and give it the role of the main violin in the interior.

Stylish and concise

Tartan in the interior of the bedroom

Stylish interior details

Decent interior decoration