Useful ideas

How to correctly organize the angular space


A corner in any apartment or house often turns out to be the most useless place.

It is believed that in a corner you can only put a vase, ottoman, coat rack or a naughty child. In our review you will find design ideas that break these stereotypes.

1. Sleeper

Bed under the stairs.

A cozy bed in the corner under the stairs is a great example of saving the space of a small house.

2. Home bar

Bar counter and shelf of pallets.

In the corner of the kitchen or living room you can organize your own bar.

3. Kitchen cabinet

Corner kitchen cupboard.

A spacious corner cupboard for storing dishes is a vivid example of the rational use of space in the corner.

4. Hanger and ottoman

Corner hanger-shelf and ottoman in the hallway.

The functional hanger shelf and corner ottoman will fit perfectly into the interior of a small hallway.

5. Shelves

Corner shelves.

Optimal use of space in the corner thanks to neat corner shelves.

6. Narrow wardrobe

Compact bookcase.

Even a tiny corner at the door can be used wisely thanks to a tall, narrow closet where you can put books or lovely trinkets to your heart.

7. Reading Corner

Place for reading under the stairs.

Free space under the stairs can be turned into a comfortable and secluded reading corner.

8. Cabinet

Corner cabinet.

Workplace disguised as a regular corner cabinet.

9. Corner bottle

Corner bottle for wine.

A spacious corner cupboard that not only accommodates the wine, but also provides the kitchen with an additional work surface.

10. Corner for creativity

Corner for creativity in the nursery.

In the corner of the children's room, you can place a low work table and a railing with buckets for storing stationery.

11. Fireplace

Luxurious corner fireplace.

In one of the corners of the living room can be equipped with a beautiful fireplace.

12. Corner bench

Corner stool in the hallway.

For a comfortable meeting of guests in the corner of the hallway you can place a round table and a banquette.

13. Bar counter

Bar counter in the corner of the kitchen.

Instead of the traditional table in the kitchen, you can place the original bar counter.

14. Shelves of plasterboard

Corner shelves with light.

Charming drywall shelves fit perfectly into the corner space and are the perfect place to put family photos and decor items.

15. Corner Bathroom Cabinets

Ergonomic lockers for the bathroom.

Use corner cabinets to get the most out of your small bathroom.

16. Suspended chair

Suspended rattan chair.

Is there a free corner? Why not place a charming hanging chair there.

17. Workspace

Work space in the corner.

The corner by the window is perfect for organizing a small working space with a table and wall shelves.