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13 tricks that will shorten the time for cooking


Many people like to eat well, but those who are willing to stand at the stove for hours are much less.

We have collected tips that will help you save time spent in the kitchen, and eat at the same time fully and tasty.

1. Freeze prepared food

The concept of "Food in advance" (Freezy Cooking) is gaining increasing popularity: you can eat a variety of food, food perfectly retains its properties, and there is no need to eat yesterday.

Everything freezes - from buns and desserts to broths and fried fish. The main thing - follow the rules of freezing:

  • Containers and bags for freezing must be airtight.
  • It is necessary to freeze food in the separate portions.
  • On the package you need to write the name of the dish and date. If you freeze and semi-finished products, and ready-made dishes, sign them with different color markers.
  • You can freeze almost any ready-made food. Exceptions: boiled and baked potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits with high water content, green salad, mayonnaise and cream sauce.

2. Make up the menu for the week

Write a list of all dishes, which you can cook, and divide into 4 columns: soups, main dishes, salads and desserts. Distribute them by day. For example, on Monday you have pumpkin puree soup and rice with meatballs, on Tuesday fish and salad, and on Sunday homemade cookies. So you determine which products are needed, and buy everything for the week ahead. Make up shopping list will help a special application, such as "Buy loaf".

3. Bake everything you can

Stop frying! Bake much healthier and faster: it is necessary to stand above a frying pan continuously, and the oven does everything itself. You can cook cheesecakes and cutlets in it.

Instead of cooking vegetables, wrap them in foil and put them in the oven. And do not need to clean. Don't forget the timer.

4. Make blanks

Semi-finished products do not have to buy, you can make them yourself.

  • When cooking cut more vegetables than you need, and freeze in small portions, then to put in the soup or stew.
  • Freeze ice cream broth. It can be fried instead of butter or added to the dish for a richer taste.
  • Freeze the mince not with a lump, but with portion plates - this way it will take less space in the refrigerator and will defrost more quickly. You can freeze it in ice tins - the kids love square meatballs.

remember, that meat or fish can not be thawed in the microwave or cook frozen, they lose taste. Better the day before cooking, transfer them from the freezer to the refrigerator so that they defrost themselves.

5. Use a deep bowl for trash.

Put a separate bowl on your work surface where you will throw the peel, the shell, etc. You will not have to run with every little thing to the garbage can or collect garbage from different places after cooking.

6. Vegetables can not be peeled

Carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, cucumbers, and even potatoes can not be peeled. The peel is useful, so simply wash the vegetables well with a brush.

For mashed potatoes, it is better to cook the potatoes "in uniform" - ready, it will be cleared much easier. And if potatoes are pierced with a fork and baked in a microwave, it will turn out even faster: 5 minutes - and that's it.

7. Clean the fish with a spoon

Knife and slippery fish - not the best combination, so you can cut yourself. It is better to take a spoon and brush the scales from the tail to the head. To prevent the scales from flying apart, place the fish in a deep bowl of water.

9. Put the semolina in cold milk

In order to achieve a smooth consistency of semolina, cookbooks recommend pouring semolina in a thin stream into boiling milk. Instead, put the whole in cold milk at once, mix well, put on the stove and cook, stirring. No lumps - checked!

10. Put in a pan where eggs, lemon or soda are boiled.

Slices of lemon or a spoon of soda will be enough to clear the eggs with a flick of the wrist.

11. Dip the potatoes in boiling water before cleaning.

To quickly peel the potatoes, make a shallow cut on it, dip into a pan with hot water, bring to a boil, and then drain the boiling water and pour cold water. Pull off the peel with a flick of the wrist.

12. Put the garlic in the microwave

To make it easier to peel the garlic, warm it for 15 seconds in the microwave. You can do the same with walnuts, hazelnuts, as well as citrus fruits: oranges and lemons are easy to clean and give more juice if you want to squeeze them.

13. Soak the dishes while cooking.

Before you start cooking, pour hot water into the sink and add detergent. In the process, immerse dirty dishes there, and in the end you will only have to rinse them.