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Remove mold from slopes and plastic windows


Black spots of mold can appear on different surfaces in the apartment, including windows. You can cope with it, for this you need to use home cleaning methods or industrial means specifically designed to combat mold. In no case can one pull with this treatment. The longer the mold is on the surface, the more negative the impact on the health of the household will be. In addition, corroding the walls, plastic, wood and other materials, the mold fungus penetrates deeper into the surface. Perhaps, to completely get rid of this trouble, you will have to carry out major repairs. The walls will need to be completely exposed, cleaned and treated with antiseptic.

The causes of mold on the windows

Mold spores are suspended in the air. When it hits a surface that is favorable for development, it begins to grow at a tremendous rate. Black mold is dangerous to human health. It can cause severe allergic reactions and other serious illnesses. In addition, growing mold destroys the surface of the walls. It spoils plastic, wood, plastered walls, brick, concrete.

It happens that mold fungus begins to appear on the slopes of windows, rubber seals, window sills and even glass. Conventional detergents help to get rid of these black spots only for a while, and then the mold appears again. This is because the cause of the fungus itself has not been eliminated. When choosing a window, it should be noted that, all other things being equal, mold spores are much more likely to settle on plastic surfaces. But wooden windows with plastered slopes will be more resistant to the occurrence of fungus.

But if the PVC window is already installed, then do not rush to change it. First, you can remove the plastic slopes and plaster the walls. And secondly, in the apartment it is necessary to create unfavorable conditions for the development of mold. It begins to actively multiply at high humidity in poorly ventilated areas (which is why mold is most often found in bathrooms). It will be enough to eliminate these two causes of mold fungus to get rid of this trouble.

Get rid of excess moisture

Excessive dampness in the apartments, leading to the appearance of mold, is often due to faulty plumbing. Repair all leaking faucets and toilet cistern. Metal pipes can be replaced by plastic, as they do not form condensate.

Optimum humidity, which has a positive effect on health and at the same time does not allow mold to spread - from 45% to 60%. If this figure is higher, excess moisture can be fought by airing. Open windows as often as possible (every hour for 15 minutes) or at least in the morning and in the evening create a good draft, and for the rest of time keep the window micro-ventilated. Doors should not be kept closed - air circulation is needed so that dampness does not accumulate in the rooms.

During cooking, to reduce the level of moisture and prevent condensation from appearing on the surface of the window, be sure to turn on the hood and try to keep pots and pans closed. If the kitchen is not equipped with a hood, you can simply open the window in the process.

It is important what material your curtains are made of. Very often, especially if the window is closed for almost a day, the air between it and the curtain becomes too damp. This is because the window is curtained with too dense material that prevents air from circulating. Curtains better to choose from natural fabrics. They better let the air through and take on excess moisture. And, of course, do not keep the window curtained for a long time.

To reduce the level of humidity in the area of ​​the window, you can put sorbents on the windowsill, which will take the dampness. For such purposes, suitable conventional industrial odor absorbers, which are designed to eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. These are small capsules filled with charcoal. There are on sale and gel fillers. Instead of an industrial absorber, you can use wood filler, which is used in cat trays. Sew a bag for him and place it on the windowsill. In order to get rid of dampness, instead of the cat filler, you can use table salt. Periodically, it will need to pour, dry the bag and pour new salt into it.

If possible, dry the washed laundry in the open air. This will save the apartment from excess moisture. On the windowsills should not plant a lot of colors. Constant watering will adversely affect the microclimate of the room, constantly increasing the level of humidity.

Eliminate mold

If, nevertheless, mold has had time to grow on the windows, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. For this you can use traditional methods or industrial means designed to fight the fungus. Estimate the scale of the spread of black spots, you may have to carry out repairs, as the mold easily penetrates deep into the surface. The plaster eroded by fungus must be completely removed; this is easy to do with a spatula. If the mold has spread to the wall itself, it can be cleaned with a grinder. To do this, choose a nozzle, equipped with a metal brush, or take a disk to work with a stone.

After the entire mold fungus has been scrubbed from the surface, the wall must be thoroughly dried (the building dryer will cope with this). Further, it is treated with an industrial agent that destroys the mold fungus and prevents its reappearance (for example, "Anti-fungus" or "Mil Kill"). Work with such substances should be strictly according to the instructions. In addition to walls, glass, rubber seals and plastic surfaces of windows should be processed.

After the slopes are removed, and the walls themselves are processed with chemistry, all the gaps need to be removed. Conduct a thorough inspection of the space between the window and the wall. Depending on the volume of voids, they are filled with mounting foam or plastered with putty.

After all the preparatory work is done, you need to install new slopes. They can be plastered and then painted. This will be the best prevention of mold, especially if you do not forget to add to the mixes means "Anti-mold". The kitchen looks quite harmonious slopes, lined with tiles. On such a surface mold rarely appears, and caring for it will not be difficult. If you still decide to install plastic slopes, then take care of their insulation. Mineral wool or polystyrene will help to keep warm and, consequently, reduce the risk of mold.

  • Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic. Prepare such a solution - mix one teaspoon of salt and oil, add one glass of water to them and mix thoroughly until salt is completely dissolved. Wash all surfaces of the window with this product. It is not necessary to wash it off, as this tool not only destroys the mold, but also has a preventive effect.

  • Another way is not as safe as the previous ones. It uses copper sulfate in combination with bleach. Work with these drugs should be in a well-ventilated room, after wearing rubber gloves. In one liter of water, add 100 ml of bleach and copper sulphate. The resulting solution to treat the mold, and after 5 minutes, rinse the affected area with water.
  • After the mold is washed from the windows, all surfaces must be thoroughly dried. To do this, wipe them with a dry cloth or open a window so that excess moisture evaporates. You can even use a hairdryer to dry the plastic parts of the window.

    Try not to use abrasive powders, as well as industrial chemicals containing acids and chlorine, to combat mold in the windows of PVC. They can adversely affect the quality of plastic. If you want to purchase a special tool designed to combat mold fungus, you can opt for "Well Done", "Domestos", "Vanish" and some others.

    If the mold appeared on the slopes, painted with water-based paint, they should not be washed. In this case, it is better to use a brush or a UV lamp.

    In the market of home appliances you can find devices that will help get rid of mold in the apartment and prevent its further occurrence.

    UV lamp

    Radiation in the ultraviolet range can destroy almost all types of pathogens, including mold spores. Lamps for domestic use, able to cope with the fungus, are quartz, bactericidal and amalgam. Each has its pros and cons, but they are all quite effective. The most important thing - when working with such devices to observe all the precautions specified in the instructions.

    In order to get rid of mold on the surface of the profile using an ultraviolet lamp, put it on the window, direct it to the affected area and turn it on. If your lamp works with the formation of ozone, you should leave the room for the period of treatment, as well as take out all the houseplants, pets and aquariums. The door to the room must be closed. Ultraviolet mold milking time - at least 30 minutes. After the device finishes its work, go to the room and open the window to ventilate it from ozone. Then clean the mold with a brush (do not use too hard so as not to scratch the plastic coating).

    Air ozonator

    This is another household appliance, which, due to the ozone released during operation, very effectively copes with germs, mold fungi and dust mites. The ozonator can be selected both indoor and for keeping the food fresh in the refrigerator. With this option, the device will need to be installed on the window sill, directing it to the mold. Then turn on to maximum power, and after 15 minutes switch to minimum mode. If you have an ozonizer designed to disinfect the room, turn it on near the window and process it from 30 minutes to an hour. Since at high ozone concentrations this gas becomes poisonous, it is necessary to get out of the room during the operation of the device. In order to prevent mold on the windows, turn on the ozonizer 2 - 3 times a week.

    Do not forget that mold is a strong allergen, leading to many diseases. Remove the fungus from the walls and windows as soon as it appears. And it is better to regularly prevent the occurrence of mold - ventilate the room, process windows with an ultraviolet lamp or ozonizer and maintain the correct level of humidity in the apartment. Then you do not have to spend energy to fight this unpleasant phenomenon.