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Shelves in IKEA: a review of trend options for any budget


Shelves in IKEA, which catalog is extensive, are offered in a huge range and suggest an abundance of options for various criteria.

Each user can choose and purchase for a reasonable price any favorite option.

Things are easy - choose the right one!

Wall decor in the room with a stack of up to the ceiling

Furniture for the hallway in the style of minimalism from IKEA

Interesting rack in the form of a pyramid for kitchen utensils

Wooden shelves in the bathroom

Original shelves for books and decorative stuff

Coupled with wooden dressers and cupboards, which were once common interior items, a shelf was returned to us, which was a sufficiently comfortable and interesting piece of furniture. If you want to appreciate all the splendor with your own eyes, pay attention to the IKEA bookshelves, the catalog of which represents a wide abundance of models. Such furniture is useful in all types and types of premises: in the hallway, bathroom, in the country. Where there is a lot of useful things, there is always a place and a shelf.

Varieties of designs

When choosing bookcases for your home should pay attention to the features of its design and the overall shape. After all, models are created not only for the purpose of decorating the interior, but also to provide convenience and comfort, therefore the manufacturer offers a large number of variations and directions.

Convenient bookcase will serve as a stand for home greenhouse

Corner shelf is perfect for small spaces.

  1. The square type or its rectangular counterpart is a classic variant that fits perfectly into virtually any room configuration.
  2. Corner wooden version will be elegantly located in the corner of the room, without creating obstacles for the movement of a person and not cluttering up the empty space.
  3. The furniture of an oval sample is larger in size, but this disadvantage is easily compensated by the smoothness and originality of all the lines.
  4. Non-standard products with a complex shape, which are made to order or can be selected from the store assortment, are also offered.

Rectangular bunk shelf

Glass shelf in modern style

If you decide to buy a bookcase in IKEA, you can count on the fact that all these options will be presented in the range and you will be able to choose the option that you will like.

Material classification

Also, there is an extensive classification of products in accordance with the materials used in their manufacture: it can be wood, plastic, metal, glass. Each of them is unique and has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Wood products are always natural and can give a pleasant feeling of use, create an interesting atmosphere. But such a solution will require a special processing method taking into account the level of humidity and temperature indicators. IKEA wooden shelf is a great option for those who appreciate comfort and originality, even in the smallest details.

Mobile wood shelf for flowers

  • Metal structures have a high level of reliability. They are ideal for styling high-tech style, but from them it is unlikely that you can get warm, like from wooden elements.

The original forged shelf with curtains for the bathroom

  • The most affordable - products made of plastic material. They are not afraid of moisture, which is enough, for example, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. But such availability affects the strength index, therefore, these devices are unlikely to last for a long time. The downside is that it is problematic to achieve an attractive appearance.

Plastic shelf - one of the economical options for bathroom shelves

  • A glass shelf is a visually appealing option, but it is relatively expensive and not too durable, so it is chosen by lovers of avant-garde and other refined directions in various style solutions. But such products act as a sign of special taste and attentive attitude to interior structures.

Unusual decorative shelf made of glass

If you decide to buy a bookcase in IKEA, the catalog will help you choose the best option and create the maximum comfort and coziness in your home.

Installation Methods

The piece of furniture is a fixed shelves, which are composed of several tiers and are not equipped with doors. It is necessary to have them in such a way that all elements are at hand and at the same time do not interfere with the usual life activities.

  • One rack of floor type, acting simultaneously as a shelf mount. These shelves are made in different size variations: the smallest one is placed on top, the next is a shelf of large dimensions. This bookcase can fit into any interior decoration, and the shelves can be made in a rotating format.

Metal shelf for flowers with different capacity shelves

Tip! The most convenient model is the design on 4 legs, since it is able to withstand the load even from the heaviest objects, including flower pots. In the kitchen, such furniture will provide the hostess proper storage of spices and products.

Sustainable practical stack of metal on four wheels

  • Hanging shelf systems are ideal for small houses where every centimeter of space is expensive. If you select several models and place them on different sides of the walls or at the corners, this will visually expand the space.

Suspended shelf with glass door

  • You can also pay attention to such a design as an IKEA shoe rack - a great option for those who want to create maximum comfort and coziness in their hallways and achieve high-class interior design due to inexpensive and small details. Thus, you can place such an important and stylish accessory in your hallway.

Great option shelves in the hallway for shoes

From that, selection of model will be how successfully carried out, your further convenience at operation of furniture depends. In the home interior such exquisite products will look original and attractive.

Appointment of shelves

Thinking about which interior items to choose, we want to achieve not only the ideal beauty of the room, but also to achieve maximum practicality and functionality, so that the furniture serves to solve several problems. Therefore, we will focus on things that will be spectacular in the interior and useful in the economy.

A large number of flowers and seedlings can be compactly placed on the shelf

  • Bookcase. It can be placed in the bedroom, stylized as a classic style, in the study, in the children's room, living room or even the hallway. There is always something to fill such furniture so that it becomes an original interior composition. You see, for a massive cabinet or chest of drawers that would fit more books, there is not always room in the room, and the bookcase will become that piece of furniture that solves this problem and will last for many, many years. So, the volume of your favorite writer, which you read at night, will be waiting for you at arm's length.

Part of the home library will look great in the living room on the shelf

  • Whatnot for shoes. Scattered on the hallway shoes - a situation familiar to many. It’s good if this is one pair of shoes, but what to do when there are a lot of them and everything for every taste? The best solution would be to choose a compact bookcase, which will solve the problem of confusion and noticeably please the eye.

The simplest version of the bookcase for shoes made of wood, painted white

  • The whatnot for services and souvenirs. The modern market IKEA offers a large number of options for decent and original placement of sets and figurines, various awards and any other small things that are dear to their owners.

The glass shelf with souvenirs will complement the creative shape of the metal structure

  • The IKEA kitchen shelf is another original version that will allow you to achieve high-quality results in your kitchen space and will serve as a safe place to store various utensils - newspapers, sets, plates and mugs, figurines and souvenirs. In general, its application can become universal, it remains only to find a sensible solution.

Table corner shelf for the kitchen

If you choose a product made with taste, you will live in comfort, and friends will certainly appreciate your choice.

Advantages of IKEA shelves

Cute original bookshelves in retro style or modern models will certainly appeal to you, because their use implies many advantages:

  • Attractive appearance. This design will fit into any style of the room, and you will only need to correctly install it and enjoy a single ensemble, designed to please the heart and soul.

Original contrasting shelf for the bathroom

  • Compactness and minimally used room space: the bookcase, despite the fact that it is often the main element of the whole ensemble, is almost imperceptible. Therefore, you can put it anywhere and feel comfortable in the room.

Compact and convenient shelf in the kitchen in the form of cabinets with open shelves

  • The convenience of use. Firstly, this fact is supported by the versatility of the product, because anything can be put on it and not miscalculated. Secondly, if necessary, you can move the bookcase from one place to another to pick up the book you need, water the flowers or clean up the house.

Convenient small shelf in the hallway, hidden behind the closet

  • Affordable cost is another significant advantage of this product. It will be necessary to spend money on the purchase of a dresser or cabinet, and to purchase this design you will not have to throw away a lot of money and time, because in the shops you will find goods in different assortments and different price categories.

A shelf in the modern interior will help to replace the wardrobe.

You can choose IKEA metal shelf, wooden construction, plastic or glass version. The main thing is that it fits into the overall stylistic picture and always delight the eyes.

What are IKEA shelves available?

The increased demand for the products of this type could not but cause such an abundance of offers. Modern stores display a wide variety of choices, and one of them is undoubtedly the IKEA store. In his catalog there is a wide assortment of numerous commodity items that are distinguished by elegance and originality. They are ideally suited for use by people of any views, social level, culture and traditions. You can choose a product of any shape, type, material, color, style. The competent choice will allow you to enjoy comfort in the house for many years.

Stylish bathroom with the necessary accessory in the form of shelf-chair