Useful ideas

Charming crafts that will decorate the house and make it cozy and extraordinary


You can make your home better in a variety of ways, in particular with the help of various handicrafts.

Here and in the new review were collected wonderful examples of how it is still worth diversifying your home, with the help of all sorts of tricks.

1. Panel

Wooden panels with the inscription.

From a piece of plywood, paints, ordinary glass jars and coarse ropes of different thickness, you can make a wonderful mural with an inscription that will be a stunning decoration of the hallway or living room.

2. Carpet

Crocheted rug.

A charming rug, which can be crocheted from thick yarn of dark brown and terracotta, will bring a touch of warmth and comfort to any room.

3. Balloons

Balloons from light bulbs.

Wicked glass bulbs can be carefully painted with special paints, thus turning them into fabulous balloons that can be hung under the ceiling by the window.

4. Knitted pillowcases

Knitted pillowcases.

Warm pillowcases for cushions can be made from thick yarn of warm colors, which will be a cozy decoration for any space.

5. Mini tapestry

Charming tapestries of thread.

From thick threads you can weave a unique tapestry using macrame technique, which will be a great decoration of a bedroom or living room.

6. Textile painting

Picture of textiles.

An original picture that can be made even by a person without artistic skills from pieces of cloth and thread.

7. Toilet roll holder

Tissue holder for toilet paper.

From small pieces of bright fabric you can sew a funny toilet paper holder, which will become an original and practical decoration of the bathroom.

8. Saucer for decorations

Hand-painted saucer.

Hand-painted ceramic saucers are perfect for storing jewelry.

9. Cacti from stones

Artificial cacti in pots.

Use empty flower pots and small stones painted in different shades of green to create amusing artificial cacti that will be a wonderful decoration of the window sill and will not cause any hassle.

10. Mobile of flowers

Charming mobile from paper flowers.

You can make a charming mobile phone from colored paper, threads and wire, which will be a stunning decoration of any room and bring a bright spring touch to the interior.

11. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher of threads and feathers.

A stunning talisman decoration that can be made from any round base, threads, feathers and beads and used to decorate the walls of the bedroom.

12. Thread Decoration

Wall decoration of the thread.

Creative and very simple to make wall decoration of ropes, floss threads and railing.

13. Wreath

A wreath of flowers and seashells.

A fantastic wreath that can be made from a round base, artificial flowers and seashells, and used to decorate a wall or door of a house.

14. Candles

Handmade candles.

Empty egg shells can be used to create original decorative candles, which will be particularly relevant on the eve of the Easter holiday.

15. Organizer

Organizer of jeans.

Pocket pieces of old jeans can be used to create original and practical wall organizers. To do this, fasten them on a regular sewing hoop and use to store various small items.

16. Vases

Bright vases for flowers.

With the help of special paints, turn any glass containers into bright flower vases and home decor.

17. String art

The composition of flowers, threads and nails.

From plywood, threads, nails and several artificial flowers you can make an amazing composition in the popular technique of string art, which will become a real highlight of any space.

18. Bouquet of flowers

Artificial flowers.

Unbelievable, but ordinary plastic spoons can be used to create beautiful and non-encompassing crocuses and tulips.

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19. Stash

Jewelry box.

A small, charming box for storing jewelery and trivial things that can be made from strips of ordinary newspapers or magazines.