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15 rules for creating the perfect kitchen


Every housewife wants her kitchen to be perfect - one that, using minimal effort and time, can cook delicious, wholesome food for the whole family.

Speaking in professional language, this room should be ideally designed in terms of the laws of ergonomics. Today the leading designer will tell about the most important, in her opinion, moments.

1. Work triangle

Researchers from the German company "Bulthaup" found that basically life in the kitchen is concentrated around three points: a stove, a refrigerator and a sink. If we connect them with conventional lines, we get a "work triangle". In order for work in the kitchen to be comfortable and fast, firstly, nothing should impede movement across this triangle, and secondly, the sum of the sides of the triangle should be from 3 to 7.5 meters.

2. Furniture layout

Depending on the area of ​​your kitchen and your personal preferences, there are several options for the location of kitchen elements: in a straight line, the letter "G", the letter "P". A great idea for large kitchens is to place them in the center of the "island", which can be a desk, a stove or a sink. To ensure a logical and time-saving workflow, it is important to choose the right location for appliances and cabinets. For example, a drawer for cutlery and a dishwasher should be placed next to the sink. But between the sink and stove must be a working area.

3. The correct height of kitchen furniture

It is better to arrange the wall cabinets and shelves so that the hostess working in the kitchen does not have to reach for objects (1.85 - 2 m) standing on them, and the height of the working table top should be such that it does not have to bend over it (optimally 90 cm ). For convenience, the angle between the surface and the hands should be approximately 45 degrees.

Comment: an example of how not to do it.

5. Lighting

It is believed that the more light in the kitchen, the better. But in fact, so that the eyes do not get tired from the bright light, it is better to install spotlights along the perimeter of the upper cabinets of kitchen furniture and additionally highlight work surfaces and a dining table. The kitchen in the apartments is most often a dining area and a place for family rest, therefore, to give a light atmosphere around the perimeter of the ceiling, you can make a cornice with light.

6. Aesthetic pleasure

So that the kitchen could rightfully be called the kitchen of your dreams, staying on it should bring you pleasure, and not leave you indifferent. Therefore, choosing a color solution, stop on those shades that will cause only positive emotions. Do not forget about cute little things. If you like home plants, in any, even the smallest kitchen, you can find a place for at least one or two. They will not only revive the interior, but will also purify the air.

7. Easy cleaning

Wonderful wallpaper on the walls and ceramic tiles on the floor are an excellent find that makes cleaning much easier. Another idea - furniture with chrome legs, under which you can always quickly wash the floor. And, finally, the miracle of design ideas: a mini-vacuum cleaner built into the basement of kitchen furniture is a very convenient thing.

8. Functional wash

It is better to choose a sink deep enough: ideally, the largest of the available pans should be placed in it. Preference is given to a sink with a bottom valve that allows you to shut off the drain. This will help you save money on utilities services, because with such a sink water consumption will be significantly reduced. Conveniently located "wing" sink or extra bowl will solve many pressing issues.

9. Comfortable dining area

If you decide to place a dining table and chairs in the kitchen, then when planning the dining area, you should remember that it should be separate from the workplace, and each person sitting at the table should have at least 50 cm of free space.

10. Affordable bin box

The most common and functional way to store a bin is under the sink. But you will be much more comfortable if you hang it and not put it on the floor. Manufacturers of modern kitchens have a number of highly functional ideas for placing a bin and using the space of the corner cabinet, where the sink is usually located.

11. Security

This item is especially important in families where there are small children. Having taken care of the safety of connecting electrical appliances and the location of sockets, do not forget that there are household appliances with a lock. All dangerous corners can be closed with special silicone nozzles, and the stove with a protective barrier. It is better to avoid protruding handles: during the cooking process it is very easy to hit or scratch.

12. Important stuff

This is precisely the moment that many overlook. Think about how many sockets you need in the kitchen. They should be at least two more than household appliances. The material of the tabletop must be chosen wear-resistant, and the color is better neutral, since scratches are often visible on dark countertops.

13. Noiselessness

The process of cooking can be called a kind of meditation. And well, if during it nothing distracts you and does not irritate. Therefore, there is a rule here: no squeaking and slamming doors and noisy crates. Perhaps you should pay attention to the system of opening doors "push", which allows to open the doors by clicking on the facade of the lockers.

14. Everything is at hand

Everything that you may need while working in the kitchen: food, utensils, pot holders, spices, cutting boards - must be within reach so that you do not get distracted by searches. Perfectly cope with the task of storing necessary things drawers near the desktop. A very convenient thing is a bottle-holder: it takes up a minimum of space (25-30 cm), but you will be provided with a comfortable arrangement of spices, oil and other high items that should be at hand during the cooking process.

15. Extra space

Consider where you will store detergents, sponges for dishes, garbage bags. A convenient place for them is in the cabinet under the sink. In the area of ​​the apron you can hang up the skimmers, tacks and knives you need while cooking.

Thinking through your kitchen, take as a basis several important points: ease of movement, consistency of workflow, sufficient freedom of movement, convenient location of the body when cooking and matching the height of the equipment to the proportions of those who will work in this kitchen, as well as the appropriateness of the location of the equipment. If you take all this into account, your kitchen will turn out to be truly perfect.