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How to choose bathroom furniture


With the same diversity that is observed today in other areas of sales, we are faced with the purchase of bathroom furniture. The days of total shortage are long gone, and nowadays the question is not where to get it, but how to choose bathroom furniture, by what criteria. Previously, everything was simple: the furniture of the bathroom consisted of a towel holder and modest shelves. Now this room is viewed not as something secondary, but as a full-fledged room, which is supposed to be decorated beautifully. Starting to perform this task, how not to get lost among the proposed wealth of bathroom interior items?

First of all, you need to know that bathroom furniture is of three types:

  • washbasins with side tables
  • moisture resistant mirrors
  • cupboards and lockers

In the modern bathroom often get along all three at once, because each of them has its own purpose. But if there is not enough space, something can be excluded by choosing the most necessary.

What bathroom furniture to choose?

Bathroom furniture is chosen according to three main criteria:

  1. moisture resistance
  2. functionality
  3. attractive appearance

In all three cases, the manufacturing material plays an important role.

Wood products always look beautiful and expensive, but they should be put in a spacious room.

Natural wood. Such furniture is very suitable for a room that is designed in a classic, ethnic or ecological style. It is very beautiful, eco-friendly and high-quality. But the price! Although if you can afford it, and the room allotted for the bathroom is quite spacious and well ventilated - why not.

Plastic. Cheaper even chipboard. Absolutely not afraid of moisture. May take any form. By color it can be anything. The main disadvantage is not too strong and durable, it is quickly scratched. The coatings applied to it, are easily erased, peeled off and cracked. As a result, the furniture looks shabby. But with careful use of the service life can be increased.

When choosing a plastic cabinet, think about the crane: unusual white models would be the best option.

Metal. That's really what will not break, not scratch and break. It could rust - but a special impregnation that prevents corrosion, will not do it. Metal furniture - a good solution for the interior in a modern style. If you prefer the classics - it is better to stay on wooden furniture.

Glass. Furniture from it looks stylish and allows you to "expand the horizons" of the room. Of course, only tempered glass with non-sharp surfaces is used, but even so there is a risk of breaking it. If you really want a glass bathroom, but you can not guarantee its safety, you should pay attention to the options of transparent or colored translucent plexiglass. But before you make a purchase, think again: wouldn't it be embarrassing that all the things in such lockers will be on display for all to see?

How to choose the furniture for the bathroom, on the basis of coverage? Avoid self-adhesive film, although it is cheap and has an attractive appearance (there are different colors). She will definitely begin to flake off. When buying furniture with veneer (wood) and acrylic coating, carefully study the joints of the sheets for quality connections. The best option - enamel and lacquer coating. Suitable for furniture in any style. Resistant to temperature extremes and moisture. It also looks very nice.

Bright decor with a glossy finish looks bold and cheerful

How to choose bathroom furniture: sizes

Good for those who have a place to turn around in the bathroom. In this case, you do not need to particularly think about the size of the furniture, but simply choose what you like. But the majority of standard baths are small-sized, and when choosing interior items there is an acute question for them that fits here.

You can, of course, invite the designer to "build in" shelves and cabinets in each free piece of the square. But this way is more costly. If this does not suit you, it is recommended to do this: carefully measure all free niches and only after that go to the furniture salon.

Choosing a suite for a small room, follow the general color trend.

For a small bath it is not worth buying a lot of furniture, otherwise it will have nowhere to turn around. Consider that there is already a bath (or a shower stall - it saves space better), a toilet, a sink, and perhaps a washing machine. Give preference to high narrow cabinets, open hinged shelves, corner curbstones and curbstones such as "Moidodyr", combining a mirror and cabinets at the top with a vanity and sink. In modern models of thumbs, the space is used very efficiently - there you can store various necessary things, hide items for cleaning, cleaning products.

Towels and other small things can be placed in the cabinet under the sink.

A massive headset will look ridiculous in a small bathroom. Therefore, no matter how you like a set of furniture, focus primarily on the "usable area".

It is not recommended to clutter up a bathroom with cabinets, even if it is very spacious. So she risks becoming a sort of pantry or dressing room. Buy only what you can't do without.

Lockers and side tables with legs - the right decision if you have heated floors in the bathroom. And in other cases they will be quite appropriate, facilitating cleaning.

By the way, about the legs and other accessories - handles, hinges, hooks, canopies. It is much better if they are chrome-plated metal, and not gold-plated plastic. The latter lose their presentability after two months.

Among other things, it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of furniture with plumbing and bathroom decoration. From this point of view, it is more practical to first select furniture of the required size, plan its placement, and only then proceed to repair. Now you are focused on the question "What kind of bathroom furniture to choose."