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An extraordinary detail: 18 wonderful bedside tables that will become a real highlight of the bedroom


The new author's review will tell how to use bedside tables, as well as what they should be. It is difficult to believe, however, in some rooms, it is the bedside table that has every chance of being awarded the title of "highlight" of the room.

So, we look and gain experience.

1. Ladder

Stairs instead of bedside tables.

An ordinary ladder, painted in monochrome black, has become an original bedside table, which can be used to store glasses, books, magazines and other trifles in a suspended form.

2. Vintage stepladder

Bedside nightstand of the garden ladder.

Charming vintage nightstand made of a small artificially aged garden step-ladder, on the steps of which you can store a lot of useful things.

3. Suspended shelf

Hanging shelf by the bed.

A small wooden block, with a coarse rope attached to it on both sides, fixed to the ceiling, will become an original alternative to the classic bedside table and is suitable for storing various small things like a glass of water, reading glasses and a favorite book.

4. Metal barrel

Bedside nightstand of metal barrels.

A stylish bedside table made of a small metal barrel of the old design will become not only a functional part of the room, but also a unique decoration of the bedroom.

5. Functional thing

Multifunction cabinet

Stylish, multifunctional bedside table of universal black color, which provides its owner with many different ways of storage.

6. Intricate design

Unusual shelf-table.

Wonderful designer shelf designed for convenient storage of books, as well as equipped with an additional mini shelf for a cup of coffee or a glass of water will be a real find for the bedroom of a true book lover.

7. Minimal design

Cabinet in the style of minimalism.

Minimalistic bedside table, which is a frame painted on the wall and one single cabinet, which is its functional part.

8. Original shelf

Homemade square shelf.

A simple and stylish shelf, made of only four plates, will be an excellent alternative to a massive bedside cabinet and will perfectly fit into the interior of any bedroom.

9. Solid wood

Bedside nightstand made of natural wood.

Stylish bedside table, made of solid wood, the upper part of which is suitable for storing eye drops, glasses, telephone, and a hollow lower part - for books and magazines.

10. Mirror surface

Bedside table with a mirror surface.

A stylish golden bedside table with a stunning mirror surface and two sliding shelves will allow you to keep a lot of useful things at your fingertips and will be a wonderful decoration of the women's bedroom.

11. White cube

Sliding bollard in the form of a cube.

A modern bedside cabinet in the shape of a cube consisting of two sliding parts, providing ample storage for any personal items.

12. Trio of boxes

Bedside cabinet made of wooden boxes.

A wonderful nightstand, made of three wooden boxes of different sizes, which will allow you to place a lot of necessary things and become a stylish part of any modern bedroom.

13. Drum

Bedside table in the form of a drum.

Exceptional bedside table in the form of a big drum will surely appeal to lovers of creative things and become a real highlight of the bedroom.

14. Pockets

Shelves-pockets by the bed.

Ultramodern minimalist shelves-pockets are ideal for storing the most necessary things and become a stylish piece of the bedroom, decorated in the Scandinavian or modern style.

15. Soaring table

Round shelf-table.

An elegant round shelf-table of trendy gold color, which looks like it is floating in the air, will become a functional detail of the room and an exquisite decoration of the bed.

16. Suitcases

Cabinet of suitcases.

Elegant bedside table made of two vintage suitcases will be a bright highlight of the women's bedroom.

17. Basketball basket

Bedside table from a basketball basket.

The compact and creative bedside table, made from a basketball basket and a round glass tabletop, will be an amazing addition to the bedroom of a bachelor or teenager.

18. Invisible

Bedside curbstone of acrylic.

A small ultramodern bedside table made of transparent acrylic will become a unique accessory of any bedroom.