Useful ideas

Such a different window sill


An ordinary window sill can become a very functional element of the interior, and will serve as, for example, a workplace or storage area. We will provide you with some interesting and useful ideas for using the sill area, which you can beat with great benefit.

Window sill - bar counter

The area under the window in the kitchen or living room, you can equip a place for friendly gatherings, where there is enough space for two to four people (depending on the size of the window sill). Here it will be appropriate to make a bar counter and install it, as a continuation of the window sill, on the brackets. A pair of high stools will complement and underline the relaxed atmosphere.

Under the window sill in the apartments it is customary to install central heating batteries, but if you plan to enlarge its worktop, we recommend making a perforation in it right above the radiator. So the hot air will rise up unhindered, penetrating through the holes in the window sill.

Sill - sink

Doing dishes or washing after awakening, looking at the landscape outside the window - can be your daily privilege. To do this, combine the sink with a window sill in the kitchen or bathroom (if it has a window).

Moving the sink to the window area will help you to increase the total working area in the kitchen, because the window sill will need to be combined with the cutting table top, which cannot but please the hostess.

Sill - table

The desktop is always needed, especially if you work at home, or there are school-age children and students in the family. But to establish a full-fledged desk, sometimes, there is simply no possibility due to the lack of free space in a small apartment.

To help with this difficult task can sill in the bedroom, living room or nursery, increased to the size of the standard table tops. If desired, you can place a low cabinet with drawers under it, or hang up additional shelves for books and stationery.

Sill - sofa

To convert a wide window sill into a full seat, according to experts, is a great idea. So in the room there is an unusual seating area, and you can do without buying additional furniture.

We hurry to note that turning the window sill into a soft bench or a mini-sofa with cushions is possible only if the windows are high enough and start at 40-50 cm from the floor. Notice how cozy the window sill looks like in the bay window, in the photo below. Framed with thick curtains, this place will become a favorite for reading, needlework or tea drinking with friends.

Sill-lounger for a pet

Those who care not only about their own, but also about the well-being of their pet will like the idea of ​​creating special conditions for him on the windowsill. As an example, on it you can organize a soft pouf, a sunbed for a cat, or form an entire game complex for a furry pet.

We advise owners of indoor dogs to build a construction of steps, because, unlike cats, dogs do not know how to jump to a height, so it will be difficult for them to get to their sleeping place without help.


Idea for small rooms: drawers for linen, clothes, bedding - under the window sill, the tabletop of which can be decorated on top with a decor, put vases or books.

This method of using the window area saves space, and is also suitable for spacious bedrooms, children's rooms and other rooms, where it is important to preserve free space without cluttering it with unnecessary furniture.

Window sill - wardrobe rack

Take note of the idea to transform an ordinary window sill in the living room, children's room, kitchen or dining room, into a functional and roomy closed closet or open shelving.

If you need furniture in order to accommodate a large number of books, dishes, decorative accessories, etc., but you don’t want to install bulky furniture that will close the walls, remember that you can arrange all the necessary things on the shelves of the structure mounted under window sill.


What could be more natural than fresh flowers, reaching for the sun's rays? Putting green plants in pots should be closer to daylight, which means that the window on the windowsill. But if there are a lot of colors, but it is rather small and narrow, you can either increase the window sill, or attach one or two additional shelves around the opening, or even install across it (but so that the plants do not block the light entering the room from the window completely) .

Incredibly beautiful live plants look on the windowsill of the bay window - they seem to emphasize its architectural lines.