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24 tricks with which your car will sparkle clean


To get rid of unnecessary care, owners of cars send their favorite vehicle to a car wash. However we collected effective tricks that will allow with minimal expenditure and not inferior in quality car service to wash the car yourself. Go!

Air conditioning

We start with cleaning the vent. Dry foam foam, artistic brush or brush sweep out of it all the accumulated debris.


Again, brushing through the entire dashboard and vacuuming in the rest of the dust.

Air filter

If the cabin has a removable air filter, remove and replace it to get rid of unpleasant odors. Check the filter can be in the manual auto.

Large trash

Before starting the wet cleaning of the cabin, we move the seats back, pull out the floor mats and collect all the garbage in plastic bags.

Leather upholstery

Melamine sponge can be used to remove dirt, chewing gum and old adhesive stains from leather surfaces.

Gummy stains and gum

You may have to rub it more thoroughly with an old toothbrush if dirt has ingrained.

Olive oil like polish

For salon shine leather dashboard rub it with olive oil.


To clean the upholstery of pet hair easily with a wiper and plain water. After that, the seat must be vacuumed.

Seams and folds on the seats

Do not forget about the hard folds in the seat trim. We clean them with a brush with a fine bristle and also vacuum.

Wax spots

If in the cabin, on carpets and car upholstery there are stains from candles, wax pencils, etc., they can be eliminated in a universal way - with the help of paper and iron.

The seats

We proceed to the wet cleaning of the seats with a sponge, brush or washcloth and shampoo for upholstery. Instead of shampoo, they also use a soap solution with soda.

Floor mats

Car mats sprinkle with stain remover and give a means to soak. Then they should be washed in a washing machine or cleaned with a homemade detergent composition.

Baby chair

In order to get rid of stains on the child seat, prepare a brush with a scoop, a coat for wool, a steamer, dishwashing detergent and baking soda. It will be necessary to make some efforts, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Aroma cabin

When everything is already clean, rubbed and washed, we create a fresh and pleasant aroma in the cabin with the help of a homemade air freshener.

My car is outside

Do not forget to close all windows and doors before washing.

It is necessary to choose suitable clothes for washing. In warm weather, you can wear shorts or flip flops, if it is cool, rubber boots and old pants. For better protection from getting wet, you can use a rain cover.

Rust plaque

With a small amount of it, you can use a rust converter, after cleaning and degreasing the surface. In more complex cases, pay attention to this method of deep cleaning.


It is preferable to start cleaning with a windshield. We clean it with a universal glass cleaner, apply a layer of polish on top. In this way, it is necessary to clean the windshield about 2 times a month, the rest - once a month.


Wipers wipe with medical alcohol.

Bumper and radiator

We moisten wipes with antistatic in warm water and remove bugs, dried dirt and debris from the radiator and bumper.


We bring to perfect shine headlights with toothpaste and water.

Glass top

Do not forget to lower the glass and wipe the upper part, which accumulates a lot of dust.

Wheels and wheels

Finally, thoroughly clean the tires and wheel rims with detergent and water.

Direct the gloss

Cleaning is over, it remains only to remove a piece of abrasive clay small particles of dust and dirt that could not be washed off with water. Voila!