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17 stylish, original and modern sinks, which will be a concise completion of the bathroom


In the new review were collected examples of the most creative and modern shells, which were created recently. Such equipment will be an excellent choice for almost any bathroom. Surely, everyone will be able to choose from the presented samples what he really likes.

1. Around the World

Sink "New York".

Stylish ceramic sink-bowl with photo printing - what you need for a small modern bath.

2. Transparent sink

Glass sink.

Stylish desktop sink made of durable glass looks very unusual and modern.

3. Concrete


Non-standard solution - a massive sink in the form of a stream of concrete, decorated with glass mosaic.

4. Glass design

Sink "Waterfall".

Magnificent hanging sink made of glass, made in the form of a waterfall.

5. Continuation of the wall

Designer sink.

A minimalist designer sink that looks like an extension of a wall.

6. Natural stone

Stone sink.

Fantastic sink-bowl, made of real stone, will be the highlight of any bathroom.

7. Shape and color

Bright ceramic sink.

The unusual shape and bright color of the ceramic sink will be a wonderful decoration of any room.

8. Mosaic

Mosaic washbasin.

The luxurious dark blue washbasin from Lago will be an exquisite addition to the bathroom interior.

9. Natural wood

Wooden sink.

Washbasin made of wood looks like a work of art.

10. Rustik

Washbasin made of stone.

The ideal stone washbasin on a rough wooden stand is a beautiful and functional decoration in a rustic style.

11. Intricate Design

Sink in modern style.

The intricate design of the built-in sinks is the perfect solution for a modern bathroom.

12. Total white

Snow-white sink.

A small white bowl of the sink looks simple and at the same time very stylish and original in the interior, decorated in black tones.

13. Outdoor sink

Outdoor washbasin.

An amazing free-standing, stand-alone washbasin will look great in a large bathroom.

14. Simple grace

Suspended ceramic sink.

Elegant hanging washbasin will appeal to people who do not tolerate pretentiousness and excesses.

15. Moroccan style

Metal sink.

An elegant metal washbasin decorated with floral patterns will be a wonderful complement to a Moroccan or Oriental-style bathroom.

16. Painting

Ceramic sink-bowl.

The compact ceramic washbasin bowl, decorated with artistic painting, looks unusual and stylish.

17. Moonstone

Moonstone washbasin.

A unique, mysterious, unusual moonstone washbasin.