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It is foolish to argue with the fact that the kitchen - a place of power. But who said that the place of power can not be changed? We are looking for non-obvious solutions, mastering empty corners.

Unsupported household appliances, on display, can depress the average careful worker. But to keep it in a distant box is impractical.

The solution is simple - select a separate cabinet for such equipment, where it will be already connected to the network and ready to work. He closed the door - and beauty, no blender in sight.

Roll-out shelf - the best way to lure the toaster out of a remote hole. That is from the cabinet.

The strips on the stove in the photo are not notches for the number of spoiled kharcho, but the built-in metal stand for hot. Imagine, it will no longer need to search throughout the kitchen!

A bread box built into the tabletop is both bread and no spectacle! And nothing occupies the usable area of ​​the working area.

A bread box that does not take up space on the table top can be made in the drawer. Do not forget the lid, otherwise the bread will quickly grow stale.

In the ranking of the most persistent misconceptions in the world, immediately after the “brunette smarter than the blondes” goes “the bin must be kept under the sink”. A bucket for organics must be kept close at hand! Let the shortest to him lies through the cut in the tabletop. I brushed away the cleaning and crumbs with a rag - and closed the lid.

If you do not want to move the trash can, you can add a built-in tank to the countertop. Finished cooking - shook out all the crumbs and cleaning.

Kitchen with a lid - a solution for owners of small studios. He closed the lid - got a desktop, saved the dumplings from uninvited guests and instantly got rid of dirty dishes. To realize this, you need a bayonet (removed from the socket) mixer.

Tabletop - it is like a salary: no matter how large, it is still not enough. Additional workplace in the kitchen can be provided right below the main one.

The easiest option is to replace the plywood bottom of the drawer with a normal cutting surface and insert the box upside down, correctly securing the guides.

If one of the cabinets in the bottom line of the kitchen is rolled out, you will receive an additional worktop from which you can travel throughout the house. Convenient thing with the division of property.

In 99% of cases, a place in the basement in the kitchen is wasted. Of course, bow and blame, maybe not comme il faut, but the whole wonderful world will be at your feet.

Grow herbs can be directly on the wall. This will allow you to unload the window sill and be known as an apologist for eco-design.

How many nerves perfectionists killed by kitchen sponges and rags in sight. Hide them in the folding “pocket” above the door.

If the usual shelves in the kitchen cabinets are replaced by roll-out shelves, the world will seem more beautiful, and the back will sing with happiness.

A quick way to update a kitchen apron is to use skinali (a tempered glass panel with a pattern). Can be mounted directly on the old tile.

The corner module in the kitchen is a religious building, in front of which everyone usually crawls on their knees. You can resist idolatry with the help of roundabouts, swing-out baskets and folding doors - as in the photo.

If you keep in the kitchen cabinets a lot of small cans, bottles and bags, it is better to choose a vertical storage system - will enter twice as much.

A clever idea of ​​how to conveniently store spices in a minimal space. Thin drawers - ideal for small cans.

A perforated metal panel with hooks on the wall replaces two drawers, ten railings, three square meters of tiles and an art object of average artistic value. If you do not like the metallic luster - paint the perforated sheet in the tone of the wall.

Knives are convenient to hold in the bottle if you pick up the stand across its entire width. Now we just have to figure out where to put the bottles.

In a compact space, it is better to use light furniture - for example, a table without legs. Here they are replaced by a suspension - a chain.

Laconic art canvas in the center of the wall with wallpaper is a folding table. The lid leans against the wall, the leg - from the lid. This is called ergonomics.

The angles are given to us not only to beat the toes of them, training humility. Use the useless corner as a coffee table stand.

While the children are small, lay a washable plastic mat under the dinner table - and you do not have to regularly scrap the semolina from the parquet.

Do not miss the opportunity to enter between the wall and the refrigerator a roll-out vertical cabinet for any small utensils. Anyway, the place disappears.

This stand for a smartphone or tablet will allow you to watch video tutorials on the preparation of the sauce “Bechamel” without interrupting from cooking. Well, “Game of Thrones”, too.

The “Push to open” system in the kitchen is sometimes more important than the “push up” in the bedroom. He poked the door under the sink with his knee - and it opened, freeing access to the trash can. Do not dirty hands grab the handle.

If your husband / wife / child leaves used tea bags everywhere, replace the mug with the one with the storage section: when the tea is brewed, the bag can be left in the cup. You can throw it away when it's time to wash the mug.

Pay attention to the narrow end cabinet at the entrance to the kitchen. And now the question on intelligence: where is the most convenient to store mops, brooms and household chemicals?

Regular railing will help to make the second floor for tanks with a spray.