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17 useful tricks, the knowledge of which will help to easily solve many domestic problems


17 useful tricks, the knowledge of which will help to easily solve many domestic problems

Every day we have to deal with small uncomfortable household tasks, the implementation of which can spoil the mood for the whole day.

In order not to suffer from the fact that you can not fasten a bracelet on your hand or to clean the sink from your hair, you should pay attention to the 17 tricks that we have collected today.

1. Comfortable working with a laptop on the street

That the sun would not shine the monitor.

If you like to work in the fresh air, you know firsthand how much inconvenience the bright sun causes. To solve the problem will help a small cardboard box. Put it on your table, and then place the laptop so that the screen is in the recess.

2. Shell cleaner

Homemade sink cleaner.

From the usual clamp can make a cool fixture for cleaning the sink. With it, you can clean the drain of hair in five minutes.

3. Bottle cap

Cork carrot.

A suitable piece of carrot can be used instead of cork. This trick will keep the started drink and will not let it run out.

4. Fluffy dress

Go to the toilet in a magnificent dress.

Brides and graduates often face a piquant problem, the essence of which lies in how to go to the toilet without using a dress on the floor and dipping a magnificent outfit into the toilet. A large shopping bag with a hole at the bottom will help solve the problem. Stand in her legs and lift a full skirt with a bag.

5. Dry the brushes.

Properly dry brushes.

A wide glass beaker or jar will help to dry the bristles down. To do this, spread a towel, put a brush and gently cover them with a can so that their handles lean against the wall of the can.

6. Oiler

Oiler from the container.

From a small plastic container can get a comfortable oiler. To do this, just flip the container, put the oil on the lid and cover with a deep container.

7. Pour paint

Gently pour paint.

From the two strips of masking tape, make a can of improvised neck to gently pour the paint without smudges.

8. Stand

Stand for the phone.

Any glasses can be used as a convenient stand for the smartphone. Installing the device on the arms of points, enjoy your favorite TV series or video clips.

9. Holder for jewelry

Cork holder for jewelry.

One or more champagne or wine corks can be used as a holder for earrings, rings and pins.

10. Walk barefoot

Life hacking for walking barefoot.

If you want to walk along the beach barefoot, but do not want to carry slaps in your hands, fasten them on your ankles. It looks funny, but it is really very comfortable.

11. Capacity for sauces

Unusual capacity for sauces.

If you have a hard baking cupcake, grab it with you for a picnic. In the cells of the tank you can pour various sauces to meat, fish and snacks.

12. Wide brimmed hat

Increase the capacity of the hat.

And again something strange, but effective. The fact is that with the help of ordinary cardboard you can significantly increase the protection radius of a regular cap.

13. Ice cream

Adhesive protection.

On hot days, ice cream melts in front of his eyes, drops of it drip into his hands, which makes them sticky, sweet and very attractive to insects. To avoid an unpleasant situation, put a napkin, a paper cake box or a piece of paper on the stick. Such a trick will allow you to get maximum pleasure from the dessert without smearing your hands and clothes.

14. Seal documents

Fasten documents with clamps.

If you need to seal several documents together, and you do not have a folder or a folder near you, use several plastic clips.

15. The third tier

Increase the capacity of the freezer.

Nalepili many dumplings and only then found that they have nowhere to put? No problem! To avoid damage to the product, use a few narrow glasses. Put them on the sides of the first tray to create supports for the second.

16. Convenient packaging

Reliable packaging.

A piece of plastic bottle can be used to create a convenient, sealed package. To do this, cut off the neck of the bottle, pass a bag of cereal or flakes through it, open and close the cap. So the product will be safe, and if necessary, the contents of the package can be easily poured into another container.

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17. Clasp bracelet

To fasten a bracelet on your hand.

To fasten a bracelet on your hand can be very difficult. However, if you fix one part of it on your hand with a scotch tape, you will successfully cope with this task.

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