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38 Ways of placing photos in the interior


Nowadays, photographs are no longer stored in dusty old albums, which are remembered at the time of the arrival of guests or on significant family dates. I suggest you keep up with the times and demonstrate the 38 best ways of placing photos in the interior.

You can decorate photos with any room in the house, but you must take into account the peculiarities of the interior in order to stylize a collage, frame or stand for this style.

In fact, just nailing them to the wall in any order, you can get not quite the expected effect. It is also worth considering that any interior design looks really impressive if it is individual. Take a look at our ideas, maybe they will inspire you ...

#one. Photos on the tablet of wood

# 2. Group of photos in one frame

# 3. Small thread collage

#four. Another way of attaching photos with small clothespins

#five. Photos and large decorated clothespins

# 6. Minimalistic Hanging Collage

# 7. Copper Wire Photos

#eight. A simple way to post family photos

#9. Stands in the form of small mountains

#ten. Photos on magnets

#eleven. In a frame from a natural tree

#12. Bright Copper Binders

#13. Support for a photo from wooden balls

#14. Burlap and black and white photos

#15. Miniature easel

#sixteen. easy way to post photos from travels

# 17. Another way with thread and wooden clothespins

#18. Garland of photos

#nineteen. Mini collage - heart

#20. Stylish brass mounts for photos and magazines

# 21. The original way of posting travel photos

# 22. A wreath of photos

# 23. Wonderful collages in the frame

# 24. We transfer your favorite Instagram photos to the tile

# 25. Casket with photos

# 26. Greeting cards with Instagram photos

# 27. Miniature photo pendants

# 28. Transfer your favorite photos with the Blender handle

# 29. We transfer the photo on a cut of a tree

#thirty. Flip-book from personal photos

# 31. Photos on an old suitcase

# 32. Creative toy coasters

# 33. How to transfer a photo to a tree

# 34. Photo on the bright box

# 35. Wall poster

# 36. Large family collage

# 37. Photos on the old thread

# 38. Miniature Instagram photos