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How to make your home more comfortable? 10 rules


Even the most stylish design can be boring.

But do not do the same repair every time this happens! Most often, a small update is quite enough - the whole interior will be felt differently.

Want to learn how to make your home more comfortable with your own hands? Here are some ideas for inspiration.

How to make the house more comfortable: 10 golden rules

Change textiles

Changing textiles with changing seasons is always a winning idea. For example, heavy knitted plaids want to change in the spring to something light and bright. And this seemingly small change will transform the whole room.

What is pleasant in the winter, I want to remove with the onset of the warm season

Photo: Textile Bathroom Design

Refresh austere interior with bright accents

Hang other curtains

Curtains also play a very important role in what mood creates the interior of the room. Choose a different fabric, other patterns or act decisively, changing the curtains on the Roman curtains.

Curtains play a big role in how the room looks

Transform a room with artwork

Another effective way to make a cozy apartment without repair is to transform it with the help of paintings, posters, figurines, and other objects of art that fit your mood and season.

The reader may argue: "But wait, making a hole in the wall is the opposite of what we call 'transform without repair'," and will be right. However, the picture does not necessarily hang! You can simply lean against the wall, putting a massive canvas on the floor, and a smaller-scale piece on a dresser or console table. Looks very modern and a little rebellious. By the way, an unusual frame for a mirror, as in the photo above, can also do an excellent service.

Make a home comfortable without cost? Easy!

The idea of ​​filling the room with objects of art can also seem very wasteful. But do not rush to watch the schedule of the nearest auctions! You can get by with minimal cost, but by filling in the space for yourself. For example, you can put a handwritten love quote in a beautiful frame. Dried flowers that remind you of pleasant moments of life, handprints of the whole family and other simple, but such dear to your heart stuff will be the perfect complement to your mini-gallery.

How to make an apartment cozy and beautiful: flowers in a vase

Perhaps this is the easiest and very pleasant way to refresh the interior - to put a vase with a beautiful bouquet. Seasonal flowers always look romantic and attract the eye.

Nobody says that now it will be necessary to buy a new bouquet of flowers every week. Composition can be made of branches, herbs, as well as artificial flowers, which you can make out of paper. A round vase filled with pebbles will also be a pleasant decoration.

Room design option: new old furniture

When you want to change something in life, you don’t have to buy new furniture if you’re fed up or get a little tired. A much more convenient option would be to use different materials in order to “refresh” old furniture. The facades of kitchen cabinets can be covered with foil, the old chest of drawers can be painted in two colors, and the wooden chair can be dragged.

Life-affirming colors and renovated furniture

If you want to learn more about how to transform the kitchen, then read the 5 rules for creating comfort in the kitchen.

How to make the house cozy and beautiful: wall design

Beautifully decorated walls can be without plaster, paint and wallpaper. Interior stickers create great effects, but in order to transfer them to the wall, no skills are required.

Buy furniture from old collections

If you still think that you can not do without new furniture, consider pieces of furniture from the old collections. You can find things that look ultra modern, although they were created years ago. Great idea to decorate a room without spending a lot

How to make the apartment cozy: update the furniture trim

If your favorite chair is worn out, this is no reason to throw it out. Just give it to the workshop where the casing will draw.

Furniture restoration idea: upholstery

The choice of fabric for upholstery is an important decision, because different types of fabric will completely transform the entire interior. In particular, velvet and plush are now very fashionable solutions, radiating style and elegance.

Noble velvet chair will be a central element of the interior

How to make the house cozy and beautiful: vintage furniture

Vintage today is a highly relevant trend and is inexpensive if you know how to choose. An ideal option to update the interior at almost no cost.

Create a cozy reading corner

Sometimes there can be nothing better than relaxing in an easy chair with an exciting book in hand. And even if you can hardly call yourself a bookworm, everyone needs such a resting place. In the end, in such a convenient corner you can watch a video on the tablet, is not it?

Wall decoration in the room: put a rack

The function of the rack is not limited to the fact that it is stored things. Here you can arrange paintings, statues, photographs ... And the most important advantage is that the composition of this "exhibition" can be easily changed to suit your mood.

The idea of ​​decorating the room: books

How to make a cozy small apartment: plants

Bring floral motifs to the interior by decorating the room with live plants. If you have no experience in this area - do not worry, choose to start unpretentious plants: money tree, cacti and other succulents. Some types of palm trees also do not require special care.

How to diversify the interior: brickwork

Well, here we have to make some efforts, but we just could not include this method in our list. Because the brick always looks very stylish! Of course, this does not mean that you will need to lay out the whole wall with bricks, no. Brickwork can be simulated, for example, using thin tiles. And if the natural brick color seems to be too coarse, then the laid tiles can be completely painted white, it looks very elegant!

Brickwork and high ceilings bring an industrial touch.

Why not make a home comfortable with your own hands?

Can you sew or knit? Do your own handmade decor give you pleasure? Decorative pillows, blankets, baskets for storing small things - you can completely transform space with your own hands.

Take care of the lighting

Small lighting changes are one of the easiest ways to make a home more comfortable. Put a floor lamp in a dark corner, change the intensity or color of existing lamps. Install a mirror opposite the lamp: reflecting the light, it will make the room more spacious and beautiful.

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