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Original bookshelves in the interior


Original bookshelves in the interior

You surround yourself with beautiful things and have done everything to turn your apartment into a work of modern art.

And in order for your books to also "live" in a creative setting, we selected photos of unusual bookshelves for you.

Narrow bookcase instead of bedside table

Armchairs Shelves

Especially for you and your books, we have collected 36 photos of unusual bookshelves - wall and floor. All models are striking in their extravagance, combined with amazing functionality.

Bookshelves more like strips of cloth

Some of the presented racks can only be made to order, unless you are a master with golden hands. In other cases, you will be surprised at the simplicity of the design: it is easy to build such bookshelves with your own hands!

Shelf, combined with the table

Almost classic open bookshelf

For lovers of a good book with a cup of tea

In general, for such bookworms as us, beautiful bookshelves are the key point in the whole interior. While working on the photo selection, we were torn from unlimited possibilities: what exactly would we like to transfer to our home? So many original shelves for books - in the form of a tree, round, abstract, built-in chairs, interesting geometric shapes ... A very difficult choice! We hope you find a model that will conquer you once and for all!

The use of old belts

Bias floor bookshelves

"Unstable" squares

White bookcase

And we would have approached Eurasia.

Original shelves for books in the form of a tree

Read books - on shelves

Wooden bookcase

Flower shelves

Cheerful face as a rack

The shelf for books in a nursery

White bookcase in the loft interior

Geometry for perfectionists

Bookcase made of wood

Perfect for books and cacti

Children's shelf for toys and books

New life for an old piano

Collapsible rack for books

Round bookshelves for people seeking harmony

Simple but very interesting design.

Wooden shelf for books in the shape of a ball

Bookcase for library

Intersecting rectangles for symmetry lovers