Useful ideas

10 tips to solve small household chores


Sometimes just a few helpful tips can change life for the better.

Small and big daily problems can be quickly resolved using your wits or the ingenuity of other people.

It will never be superfluous to be inspired by someone else's example and try to implement something interesting. Moreover, this will require a minimum of effort and no cost.

1. Insect repellent

Efficient life hacking, which will help to quickly get rid of annoying flies.

Warm time - a period of intense activity of insects. Unfortunately, even such a minor nuisance like annoying mosquitoes, flies or midges can spoil the mood or outdoor recreation. To remedy the situation, you can use a simple but effective tool: mix a little dishwashing liquid and vinegar in a small container. Insects are very attracted to this mixture, but then it turns out to be detrimental to them and is very useful for a relaxing holiday.

2. 100% freezer loading

Do not underestimate the freezer, especially in the summer.

If the sauce or any other dish is cooked more than necessary, this is no reason to be upset. It is always possible to use the freezer to advantage, sending there an excess of food. The main thing is to choose suitable molds for freezing liquid dishes and freeze everything a la carte. Many cooked foods or semi-finished products have a long shelf life in finished form, so you can stock up and fruits, and vegetables, and meatballs. If you want to eat or need to quickly lay the table before the arrival of the guests, such preparations will help out a lot.

3. Universal cleaning

Dangerous debris or in hard to reach places is convenient to clean with adhesive tape.

If glass breaks in a car or house, cleaning should be especially thorough. On a soft upholstery or carpet it is very difficult to collect all the fragments with an ordinary broom or brush, you will not even notice them visually, but duct tape or adhesive tape will do it with a bang. They can be used to quickly remove any hard-to-reach trash.

4. Baking molds in the new role

Thinking outside the box gives rise to ingenious solutions.

Baking pans for muffins or muffins can be quite suitable as compact containers for serving spices, sauces or snacks. They will not take up much space, but will be very convenient if you need to serve many small portions of food for a large company.

5. Modernization of the sink

A simple but very useful idea.

If you want to shave off a thick long beard or comb a cat in the bathroom, you should think about cleaning beforehand. To make it much easier, you can make everything in a package and then just throw it in the trash. So do not have to spend hours cleaning the sink.

6. Useful banana

Banana is very useful not only for the body, but also in many unforeseen situations.

A banana can help quickly eliminate light scratches on CDs. One has only to take a piece and rub it on its surface. Small scratches disappear without a trace, and the deep ones will become smaller. This life hacking helps a lot when you want to see something, and the disc doesn’t play because of the damaged surface.

7. Good alternative to the fridge.

No fridge in the hotel? No problem!

If you are not lucky with a refrigerator, you can always find an original solution to the problem of cooling drinks. For example, use air conditioning, especially if it works well. You just need to put drinks close to him or hold it for a couple of minutes to cool the jars quickly.

8. Soft butter

To soften the oil to the desired condition simply by using a simple glass.

Sometimes the recipe requires not melt the butter, but use it in a soft form. Even with such a task you can cope easily if you know one secret: you need to pour a little boiling water into a glass, wait until it warms up, and then pour out the water and cover with a glass of oil. If you hold the oil under a glass for a few minutes, it will be the perfect soft consistency.

9. Excellent solution

Pleasant rest should be pleasant and calm in everything, even in frying meat.

If you use two knives as improvised skewers, then you can fry the meat on both sides calmly, without returning the kebab every time to its original position. Two skewers will provide him with a stable accommodation, and you will be more pleasant and quieter to rest.

10. Fantastic solution 2 in 1

Unusual solution for full freedom of action.

For parents who like to travel in comfort, this solution will be very suitable. It is possible to completely combine a suitcase and a car seat for a child, so that the baby is always supervised, but it is also quite easy and convenient to move quickly around the airport. And so you can take more baggage, but leave your hands free.