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7 reliable cleaning products that you can do yourself, so as not to poison the harmful "chemistry"


In the store it is not always possible to find a quality cleaning product that is safe and effective. Sometimes even proven products over time begin to act worse, unable to cope with stains or particularly heavy contamination.

Some companies may save on the quality of their funds, but home-made cleaning options will never let you down. So why not try a few tricks that experienced housewives have been testing for more than one year, every time, without ceasing, rejoice at the result.

1. Polishing wooden furniture

Need to rub until shine appears.

There are also several proven ways to make old wooden furniture shine like new. Vinegar is excellent for cleaning dirt, while oil nourishes wood. Consider a few examples. After mixing, the first recipe needs to be poured into a spray can or sprayer. It includes a quarter cup of white vinegar and one glass of olive oil, which must be thoroughly mixed. The second recipe is an effective mixture of a glass of mineral oil and three drops of lemon oil. Another effective tool for polishing furniture includes 50 g of grated beeswax and 150 g of turpentine. In order for any of the compositions to work, you need to apply the tool on a soft cloth and wipe the furniture with it. It is better to never spray the formulations directly on a wooden surface, as there is a risk of leaving stains or stains.

2. Stain remover

Only 20 minutes, and soiled things will be saved.

There are several effective recipes that help remove almost any contamination from clothes or fabrics. For the first composition you need to mix 1 part of baking soda and 3 parts of hydrogen peroxide. The second recipe includes 2 parts of water and one part of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. The third stain remover consists of two parts of water, and one part of detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Any of the formulations must be thoroughly mixed, applied to the stain for 20 minutes, allowed to soak, and then washed in a washing machine as usual.

You can make the glass cleaner without even resorting to the help of store supplies.

A non-toxic cleaning agent is always better than the chemicals found in most purchased products. If you mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 cup of hot water, you can get an excellent composition for perfectly clean mirrors and windows. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and pour into the dispenser. After that, the composition is sprayed onto the surface and rubbed with a cloth or newspaper.

4. Home dry cleaning for carpets

An environmentally friendly carpet cleaner will help keep things tidy.

Carpet is one of the places in the house that is most often polluted. At the same time it is quite difficult to clean, requiring a lot of time and effort. To simplify your life and turn the routine into a pleasant cleaning, you can make a homemade dry carpet cleaner that will quickly clean and refresh the flooring. Moreover, most likely, all the ingredients are already at home.

For the cleaner, you will need half a cup of cornstarch and corn flour, 2 glasses of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of borax (if available), 1 tablespoon of whole carnations and 4 bay leaves. All ingredients need to grind and mix in a blender. Then sprinkle the carpet with the mixture and leave it for at least two hours, and preferably for the whole night, then remove all residues with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda will help to refresh the smell and remove the accumulated dirt. Bay leaf and clove - good flavors, and also have antibacterial and cleansing properties.

5. Universal flavored cleanser

A great way to keep your home clean and pleasantly scented.

This tool has an amazing pleasant smell, does not cause allergies, even with sensitive skin, safely and effectively when used. It perfectly helps in laundering stains from hard water, cleaning walls and baths, disinfecting trash cans, removing stubborn dirt and many other home cleaning tasks. To create a universal cleanser you need to mix one part of water and white vinegar, add a little lemon zest and rosemary sprigs. It will be most convenient to pour the mixture into the sprayer.

6. Homemade Washing Powder

A wonderful tool for washing any things.

Such powder will be absolutely safe for the washing machine. It also has a pleasant smell and an effective structure: perfectly washes white and colored things, while maintaining their shade. The composition is hypoallergenic, therefore it does not cause irritation on the skin. To create the powder you will need 1.5 glasses of borax, 1 cup of soda ash and 1 Castilian soap. Soap should be rubbed on a fine grater and poured into a jar in which detergent will be stored. To the first ingredient you need to add the rest and mix. For washing you need to use one tablespoon of the mixture for any amount of linen.

Useful information: Castile soap is the only kind of natural soap, which consists of almost 100% virgin olive oil. The composition of the soap added several varieties of oils to ensure it has a solid consistency. Often it is coconut and castor oil.

7. Heavy Duty Cleaner

Excellent tool for cleaning bathrooms and toilets.

The tool helps to effectively cope with rust stains on porcelain or enameled sinks and baths, as well as other surfaces. It also perfectly cleans tiles in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen. To create a cleaning agent will need half a lemon and borax powder. To quickly clean the pollution, you need to dip the lemon in a borax, and then wipe the surface with it. After everything is cleaned, the surface is wiped with a clean, damp cloth or rinsed with water.