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20 shoe storage systems that end the mess in the hallway once and for all


Having several pairs of shoes for each season is the dream of every girl. That's just almost every question then arises: where to store so many shoes, sandals, ballet shoes. And if the family is also big?

To prevent the hallway from appearing in the same way as in the Chinese school, we have collected 20 storage system options that will streamline all the shoes and find each pair its place in the house.

1. Classic retractable wooden shelves

Shoes can be placed in a regular closet with sliding shelves.

2. Metal shoe shelves

Today, manufacturing companies offer a variety of ideas metal shelves and racks for storing shoes.

3. Organizer for storing shoes

Practical and convenient organizer for everyday shoes.

4. Storing shoes in the back room

An original idea for storing shoes that will help save space.

5. Large wooden shelving

The interior of the room with shelves and shoe racks looks more neat.

6. Cabinets with glass doors

Classic wooden cabinets that are perfect for storing large quantities of shoes.

7. Suitcase for storing spring shoes

Old suitcase for clothes can be used to store shoes.

8. Small round rack

Round racks of small height can be easily integrated into almost any niche.

9. Stand-strut for boots

An excellent solution that is suitable for real lovers of fashion and modern style.

10. Small metal shelf in the hall

Metal wall shelf for casual shoes.

11. Space saving

A rack of metal pipes, which can be attached to the door and the wall.

12. Five tier shelf for shoes

Low cost aluminum rack for storing shoes.

13. Dresser for shoes

Traditional wooden chest of drawers for shoes with folding doors.

14. Shoe pedestals in the hall

To save the hallway from the mess will help special cabinets and dressers with hinged doors.

15. Wooden shelving for the hallway

Wooden shoe rack that can be easily made by hand.

16. Aluminum shelf

Tiered furniture design for shoes.

17. The ideal modular system for domestic use.

Special hangers system for storing shoes.

18. Renovated wardrobe

Old cabinet can be used in the hallway for storing shoes.

19. Hanging shoe organizer

Suspended shoe wardrobe.

20. Small locker with hinged doors

Curbstone with several folding offices.