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Mistresses of small bathrooms clearly showed how every little thing to find their place


Perhaps every housewife faced the problem of storing things in the bathroom.

After all, the dimensions of the bathrooms in our apartments are not at all encouraging, and numerous jars, tubes, and detergents now and then strive to fall from the sink or the side of the bath.

The mistresses of these 17 bathrooms have shown how to organize storage.

1. Sink with shelves

Shelves under the sink.

Corner sink with a narrow side bar for soap and washing facilities and a wide shelf at the bottom, which can be used to store detergents and household supplies.

2. Added bollard

Three-level bollard on wheels.

If your bath has been repaired relatively recently, and there is sorely lacking storage space, pay attention to the side tables. Several shelves will help to place a lot of bath and household accessories, and the wheels will allow you to easily move the cabinet from place to place.

3. Niches

Shelves in niches.

Those who are just planning to repair, should think about the construction of small niches in the walls. These grooves look very stylish and are ideal for storing bottles with gels, creams and shampoos. In addition, the shelves in the niches are very ergonomic and do not occupy space at all, which is very important for small spaces.

4. Vertical drawers

Vertical inline drawers.

Built-in vertical boxes can be a great alternative to the usual horizontal. In terms of roominess, they are not inferior to classic lockers, but take up much less space.

Hanging vintage box.

Vintage drawers, which used to be used often for tools, can be transformed into unusual storage systems. Simply attach a strong leather strap to the drawer, hang it on the wall and use to store bath accessories and clean towels.

6. Dressing table

Round dressing table.

Dressing table - a thing that you rarely find in the bathrooms of our compatriots. However, if the area allows, why not !? A small round table with closed shelves under the table top is suitable for storing cosmetics and will become an elegant detail of a modern bathroom.

7. Large shelving unit

Rack without back wall.

A large rack without a back wall, installed along one of the bathroom walls, will help to accommodate a lot of things and eliminate the need to buy other bulky storage systems.

8. Suspended organizer

Suspended organizer grid.

Hanging organizer of elastic stacks, which can be hung anywhere and used to store a variety of things, ranging from bath accessories and ending with dirty laundry and toys.

9. Functional door

Storage systems on the door.

Leaving the door untapped is pretty stupid when it comes to a tiny bathroom. Small metal racks of railings, hooks and a small magnetic board will help to place a lot of necessary things and save the total space.

10. Shower shelf

Shower shelf in the locker.

Place the shower shelf in one of the bathroom lockers and use for storage of detergents and other household accessories.

11. Shelf above the toilet

Cabinet above the toilet.

A tall cabinet installed above the toilet bowl is a great way to optimize space and storage in a small bathroom.

12. Shoe cabinet

Narrow shoe locker in the bathroom.

A narrow shoe cabinet can be useful not only in the hallway, but also in the bathroom. It is only necessary to find a model that matches the parameters of your room. His boxes will fit perfectly if you use them to store stocks of household goods, cosmetics and bath accessories.

13. Baskets

Hanging baskets.

Small baskets suspended on metal rails can be a stylish alternative to boring open shelves.

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14. Homemade pedestal under the sink

Homemade pedestal under the sink.

The self-made curbstone with several shelves for bath and household accessories will help to upgrade the floor sink.

15. Shelves under the bathroom

Screen with shelves under the bath.

The space under the bathroom is a huge field for organizing a spacious storage system, which can be equipped with a well-chosen screen.

16. Space under the ceiling

Shelf over the door.

A shelf above the door is a suitable place for storing clean towels, household chemicals and cosmetics. Such a design is a great example of competent use of a small bathroom space.

17. Narrow shelving

A narrow rack for towels.

A narrow open shelving with several shelves is the original alternative to the usual towel hooks.

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