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15 ways to clean the whole house in minutes


Cleaning may take all day. It is necessary to clean one, as soon as something else immediately catches the eye.

To spend on restoring order less power, you can use tips that will save time and nerves and help make the house perfectly clean.

We love it when there is no dust around, but we don’t like to spend our weekends on it. Therefore, we collected a few tips on express cleaning.

15. Oil will help to cope with fat.

This blog has great advice on how to clean the kitchen of grease stains. Oddly enough, this issue will help vegetable oil. Just put a little oil on a napkin and wipe the stove or hood. The surface is cleared much faster.

14. Rub all to shine

In order for the chrome-plated surfaces to shine, wipe them with a cloth with the addition of baby oil.

13. Clean the iron

Simple salt will perfectly cope with this task. Pour it on the fabric, wait until the iron heats up, and iron it. In this blog claim that all the dirt from the iron will go.

12. Mop to not stoop

This blog has an unusual advice on bathroom cleaning. Instead of the usual brush, you can use a broom with stiff bristles. Apply the cleaner to the surface, wait a few minutes and wipe off the dirt. This method is perfect for older people who have a hard time stooping.

11. Toilet Cleaner

To save time, fill the toilet with a cleaner before leaving for work, and in the evening walk with a brush.

10. Add air conditioning

Before washing the floors, add a little fabric conditioner to the bucket with water. So the floor will stay clean longer after cleaning.

9. Coffee filters in the fight against dust

Dust on the screens of TVs or laptops can handle coffee filters. They gently collect all the dirt, while not leaving a divorce.

8. Use the brush

Remove dirt from small objects, such as figurines, with a brush. So do not have to sort out every little thing and spend a lot of time.

7. Newspaper in the bin

Put a newspaper in the bottom of the garbage bag: it will absorb excess liquid from the garbage and the bucket will remain dry.

6. Socks instead of floor cloths

Terry socks will cope with dirt: just pull the sock on the mop, wash the floor, and then wash the sock in the washing machine.

5. Do not make a bed

Great news! It is better not to cover the bed: it is known that a wet bed, made with a bedspread, is an ideal environment for ticks. In order not to cause an attack of allergy, it is better to leave the bed unfilled.

4. Do not forget about polish

Many consider this household a waste of money, but in vain. The polish does not allow dust to settle on the surface, which allows cleaning more rarely.

3. Wrap the shelves of the refrigerator with cling film

If you wrap shelves with cling film, you can avoid such dreary exercises as washing the refrigerator. It will be enough just to change the film as it gets dirty.

2. Do not leave wet walls in the bathroom

After taking a shower, collect the remnants of moisture from the walls with a scraper. Thanks to it during cleaning you will not have to painfully rub off dried limescale.

1. Attach a brush to the screwdriver

This trick will help you easily cope with even the most polluted places in the apartment. You will save time and energy, and everything around you will shine.