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17 floor coverings, which will definitely become the main part of the interior


When you want to change something in the interior, and there is no money for new furniture, you should pay attention to the floor.

You just need to change the texture and shade, and the room will sparkle with new colors.

In today's material we have collected 17 fantastic flooring, which will definitely become the main part of the interior.

1. Graphic pattern

Graphic pattern of wooden boards.

Stylish flooring, hand-assembled from triangles of light wood. Such floors will fit perfectly into any modern interior, but will look best in a room decorated in the Scandinavian style.

2. Belts

Belt flooring.

To create this flooring it took more than a dozen belts. The result was a very creative textured coating. Of course, the implementation of such an idea will cost a large bag, because the belts, especially leather, are expensive, but the result will make all your friends gasp.

3. Wooden podium

The height of the small bars of wood.

A low podium, built of small wooden bars, will be a spectacular detail of a modern bedroom or living room.

4. Wood saws

The floor is decorated with tree sawing.

A floor adorned with massive tree cuts with their unique designs will make any room stylish and comfortable. Unusual coverage will look great in a country house, and in a city apartment.

5. Tetris

Coverage of small bars.

An interesting coating, assembled by hand from small bars of wood. The use of different shades allowed us to create a unique pattern, similar to a huge Tetris mosaic.

6. Coin mosaic

Mosaic of coins.

A unique mosaic, to create which required a large number of coins. To make the composition look spectacular and multifaceted, it is better to choose coins of different denominations and shades.

7. Bright coating

Bright linoleum.

Transform old linoleum will help neat painting, made with special paints. The updated coverage will be a real highlight of the entire apartment.

8. Newspapers

Bulk floor with pictures of newspaper pages.

The latest technology allows you to transfer to the floor any image in such a way that it looks three-dimensional and realistic. Self-leveling floors with a 3D effect - an idea for real brave souls, but quiet elegant patterns look very stylish. For example, the effect of newspaper pages scattered across the floor is perfect for decorating an office or personal account.

9. Concrete

Concrete floor.

If before concrete was considered a material suitable only for exterior decoration, screeding and creating garden paths, now this type of coating is actively used as a finishing material for exterior decoration. Concrete floors are one of the trends in interior design. So, if you want to create an interior in an industrial style or bring a little coolness to your home, use concrete.

10. Combined coating

The combination of parquet and tile.

An amazing coating that consists of hexagon tiles and classic wooden parquet is a fashionable solution for any modern spaces.

11. Brick floors

The flooring is brick.

Brick flooring is another original alternative to the usual finishing materials. Such a floor will harmoniously fit into the interior of the cottage or hallway of a city apartment.

12. Islet

Island of tiles.

The contrast island, laid out of ceramic tiles in the room, covered with ascetic gray laminate, allowed to correctly place accents and became a peculiar highlight of the space.

13. Painted parquet

The combination of classic and painted parquet.

Creative individuals can experiment with painting parquet. The combination of classic light parquet with white painted bars looks very cool. This solution will bring a touch of purity and freshness to the interior.

14. Pebbles

Pebble flooring.

Now pebbles are actively used for interior decoration. This material is ideal for decorating the floor in the bathroom, bathroom or hallway. In addition, pebbles are used to decorate the base coat, creating thin paths from the walls.

15. Paper coating

Cardboard floor.

Looking at this noble coating, it is difficult to believe that it is made of cardboard, paper and glue. Overlapped paper sheets and generously moistened with glue have acquired an amazing pattern, and the epoxy layer protects the coating from damage.

16. Drawings for stencil

Drawings on the wooden floor.

To transform a shabby parquet will help drawings made with special paints and stencils. Such a budget solution can become a unique feature of the room and completely change the interior.

17. Cold and warm

Wood and concrete.

The stunning combination of cold concrete and classic wooden parquet will make even the most boring room stylish and original.