Useful ideas

22 ideas on how to transform your house in just 1 day at no extra cost


There is no such person who would not like to make their home warmer and more comfortable. To do this, you can go to the store and leave there a tidy sum, or you can do cool things with your own hands, putting your soul and love into them.

We love our homes and put together a few budget tips on how to make them even better.

Herbarium in a frame

Bright rug

Picture lamp

Charming cats

From the warehouse of things - in a beautiful pantry

A pair of parts, and a new dresser ready

It would seem that just changed the color and accessories, but how cool it looks.

Gentle coasters in the bathroom

Suspended shelves

Such beauty can be made from ordinary IKEA shelves.

Beauty in simplicity

It would seem that only a small branch with foliage was added to an ordinary mirror, but how beautiful it turned out.

Artificial flower headboard

With such a headboard the most magical dreams will surely dream.

Wood texture

At first glance it seems that such a textural headboard is difficult to do, but this is not at all the case.

Shelves for nature lovers

Everyone can make such original regiments.

Stylish wallpaper

It is necessary to paste the wallpaper, and the interior immediately looks very different.

Wallpaper to help

Wallpaper can be glued not only on the walls, but also, for example, on the cabinet.

Stylish rug

Such a stylish rug costs a penny and is made quite easily.

The second life of the cabinet

Live picture

Such an evergreen picture can grow in any home, the main thing is to properly care for it.

Luminous shelf

This shelf will surprise all guests.

Floor lamp terrarium

Tender shelf

Air chandelier

Unusual picture