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11 tips on how to handle an iron for pleasure


People are divided into two types: those who like to iron clothes and underwear, and those who prefer to do any other household chores.

But from time to time, each person needs to take an iron in his hands - whether it's an interview, a wedding, or simply the desire to wear trousers with an arrow or a dress with pleats or ruffles.

This collection of tips to facilitate the process will be equally useful for ironing fans and its haters.

1. Preliminary training

Fabric softener does not allow the fabric to strongly wash.

It will be much easier to iron the laundry if you prepare for this even at the washing stage. Use an air conditioner - it helps to wash off the remnants of the powder, softens the fabric and does not allow them to crease strongly. And before hanging, try to straighten the wet linen to the maximum, smoothing the folds. Large items such as bedding, towels and pants can be shaken with force before hanging them on a rope or dryer. The more carefully this is done, the easier it will be later. By the way, ironing a little wet underwear is much easier and faster than over-dried, so don't miss the moment. This is especially true for terry fabrics.

2. In the right place

It is convenient to immediately lay out clothes by type.

An ergonomically designed place for ironing linen is already a great help. If there is not too much space at home, you can install a folding ironing board on the balcony and put things in order near the drying place. Or try to put the ironing board next to the bed, sofa, chest of drawers or table. They should be folded clothes and other items as you usually lay them on shelves or drawers. After that, only stacks will be arranged in places.

With the appropriate footage, it is most convenient to arrange a home laundry - there is enough space for shelves for clothes, and for a bar with hangers, on which you can immediately hang out freshly ironed shirts, pants and dresses.

To the mountain on the ironing board you need to properly approach.

This advice is more psychological than substantive: try to iron in a timely manner so as not to save Everest on an ironing board, which will be scary to approach. If it turned out that you need to iron a lot of clothes, eat an elephant in pieces.

You can do everything in one day, but not at once, but by breaking the task into intervals of half an hour. Use the timer for this, and when the time comes out, switch to other things, so the brain and the body will rest. Or try to tidy up the clothes in which you soon need to go out, whether it's shirts, blouses or school uniforms. Do heaps of laundry exert psychological pressure on you? Then first of all it is better to stroke the most voluminous things: sheets and duvet covers, towels, voluminous hoodies - half of the dam will be eliminated.

4. Let there be light

Good lighting - a pledge of quality ironed things.

In order not to miss small folds or stains that have not been washed away, the place where they are ironed should be well lit with natural light or, for example, with a spotlight or a floor lamp.

5. Heat

Spread foil under the cover and iron twice as fast.

Covers for ironing boards of metallized fabric return heat from the iron, which allows you to iron most things on one side. The same effect can be achieved by placing culinary foil under a regular cover or, if you are not using a board, under the fabric you usually iron on.

6. Iron

The iron for hair will help to smoothly smooth cuffs, collars and sleeves.

To iron the cuffs and collars with iron, you need a certain skill. But ironing hair straightener smooth out these small elements easier than ever.

7. Water

Moist laundry smoothes faster.

If the laundry is dry, for trouble-free ironing it can be moistened with a spray in an iron or from a spray bottle, which can be bought at a flower shop. The second option is good because there is enough water for a long time and you don’t need to constantly add a new batch, but also because you can aromatize the water in it without risking to ruin the insides of the iron. To do this, you can use a couple of drops of essential oil or unused perfume.

By the way, it is not necessary to pour distilled water into modern irons, plumbing is quite suitable. If hard water flows from the tap, you can mix it equally with distilled water. But at the end of the ironing it is better to pour out the water from the reservoir so that it does not damage its internal parts or the sole.

8. Clean iron

A regular candle will clean the sole of the iron.

An iron with a sole cleared of soot and drips will not spoil things and will not leave stains on them. You can clean the iron with special products that are easy to find in stores. From home methods, cold ones are effective — wiping with vinegar, three percent hydrogen peroxide or soda solution — and hot: wiping the warmed-up sole of the soles with a paraffin candle wrapped in cotton fabric, as well as ironing the salt poured on a sheet of paper. Sticking polyethylene will help remove the cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover. It is better to iron wool and other delicate fabrics through wet gauze so that they do not leave a burn, and after the process is over, you should wipe the sole of the iron with a soft cloth.

9. Temperature

First silk, then cotton.

Compliance with the temperature regime will save not only the fabric, but also the working surface of the iron. To save time, it is better to iron delicate fabrics, which require a lower temperature, and gradually move to wool and cotton, because the irons heat up faster than cool down.

10. Comfortable board

Built-in ironing board saves space.

Modern ironing boards have various bells and whistles that make life easier: built-in shelves for linen, folding hangers for easy smoothing of shirts and blouses, blowing and blowing air systems for fixing linen, quickly smoothing folds and avoiding damage to the fabric. Or maybe you need to be able to turn the board at any angle or embed it in the kitchen, the wall of the laundry room or the cabinet door? With such a variety of solutions, it remains only to choose the appropriate functions.

11. Atmosphere

Combine business with pleasure.

Positive atmosphere is the key to success in any business. Pleasant activities that can be practiced in parallel will help to make the process of ironing less routine. For a new series, an interesting audiobook, watching a video of your favorite blogger or contemplating the view outside the window, ironing will fly by.