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8 utilities with a regular washcloth that will definitely come in handy in every home


In the kitchen, in the bathroom and on the balcony "just in case" - it is difficult to find a house in which they don’t use a washcloth at all. But the sponge is useful not only to rub the back or the bottom of the dirty pan. These 8 everyday problems will be solved much easier if you approach them with a sponge at the ready. And who could guess?

Do not use a washcloth in the shower? Well, there are still as many as 8 reasons to buy this useful thing in the nearest shop. Because with a washcloth, you can simply and quickly ...

1. To make life easier for those who do not like shower gels.

Instead of shower gel.

Do you prefer to “wash by the old way” not with gel, but with soap? Then this trick will help to use the entire bar to the last crumb.

A lot of foam and no remnants.

In the washcloth make a cut in the middle. Just choose a larger copy. Because the whole piece of soap should fit inside the cut. Do you fit? Now just add water, press and plenty of foam is guaranteed! And no more remnants.

2.Make a cold compress

Cold compress from the washcloth.

Hurt or tormented headache? A cold compress will ease the pain. And so that he was always at hand (in the freezer) and did not have to apply frozen chicken to the knob, prepare a washcloth and a zip-lok plastic bag.

A cold compress will wait an hour in the fridge.

Dip a washcloth in cool water so that it absorbs well the liquid. Squeeze a little and immediately put in a plastic bag, and then send in the freezer. Now a convenient and hygienic compress will always wait in the refrigerator hour.

3. Clean the grill or oven

If you need to quickly clean the grate.

Take a clerical knife and make these longitudinal and transverse cuts on the sponge. But be careful: do not cut through the material, otherwise the focus will not work.

Get everything!

Now the sponge will easily penetrate even the most inaccessible places, and you can literally clean the entire grid in just 5 minutes.

4. Make a remedy against static electricity on clothes

A remedy against statics.

If you are tired of beating everyone with a current, and in the washing machine there is an automatic drying function - salvation is near. You just need to make a budget sponge-softener.

To do this, take a plastic container, fill it with a glass of water and a half glass of a fabric softener.

Always at hand.

Put the sponge there, close the container and store it in a dry dark place. Now, after washing, just take such a sponge, wring it and throw it with the clothes in the dryer. Statics was gone.

5. Quickly wipe even resistant nail polish

We erase a resistant varnish from nails without friction.

If you do not want to rub your nails with a cotton pad for 10 minutes and poison acetone with household vapors, take a small jar, washcloth and nail polish remover.

Roll up the washcloth and put it in a container, pour the money from the top out. Close and shake. Now, when you need to update the manicure, just put your finger in a soft sponge and wait a bit. Luck will come down without any extra effort.

6. Clean the blinds

Inventory for cleaning blinds.

You will need kitchen tongs (do not worry, they can continue to be used as intended), a knife and two small sponges.

So much easier!

Cut the holes in the lips so that you can put them on the tongs like a pouch. The perfect brush for blinds of any type is ready.

7. Clean the microwave effortlessly.

Vinegar and sponge against fat.

Why scrub a microwave when vinegar can do everything for you? Just soak a sponge in it ...

Cook the microwave for 1 minute.

... and then put it in the microwave, close the oven door and "cook" the washcloth for 1 minute. Vinegar fumes soften the leftover food on the walls, so it will be very easy to wipe them off the walls.

8. Protect parquet or laminate from scratches.

No more scratching.

Simply cut the washcloth into small cubes, glue them to the furniture legs and ready. Move, rearrange tables and chairs for health: there will be no trace on the floor.